Confucius Institute in Edmonton holds annual YCT/HSK scholarship presentation ceremony

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Edmonton [Time]    2016-06-30 17:03:26 

On the afternoon of June 16th, 2016, the Confucius Institute in Edmonton, Canada, held their annual YCT/HSK scholarship presentation ceremony at the office of the Edmonton Public School Board, in recognition of the excellent results achieved by over 80 students from 15 elementary and middle schools under the Edmonton Public School Board. The meeting room was filled to its 280-person capacity. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Edmonton Public School Board and Edmonton Chinese Bilingual Education Association, as well as principals of more than 10 Confucius Classrooms in elementary and middle schools.

Edmonton Public School Board Trustee Sherry Adams giving a speech

Edmonton Public School Board Leader Lorne Parker giving a speech

Several special guests gave speeches, congratulating the students on their remarkable achievements, while encouraging them to continue their hard work and to obtain even greater results in their Chinese language studies. In addition, he also expressed his thanks to Hanban for the great support they have given to the Chinese language classes at public schools in Edmonton, praising Confucius Institute’s active role and achievements in Chinese language education and Chinese culture promotion in the city.

Awarding the prizes to the winners

A student from M.E. LaZerte High School who received the award used fluent Chinese to express her personal feelings and sense of gratitude in regard to the bilingual learning projects of the Edmonton Public School Board system. In addition, a student from the Confucius Classroom at Ross Sheppard High School performed the folk dance “Blue and White Porcelain”, bringing the event to its climax. The students’ performance effectively reflected the education results of the Confucius Institute in Edmonton.

Group photo of students receiving awards

According to sources, with the great support of the local Public School Board and its schools, and through the continual efforts of the Confucius Institute in Edmonton, the number of local students participating in YCT/HSK exams continues to rise, this year exceeding more than 1,340, a new record.