Serbian sinologist is anticipating Xi Jinping’s visit, and has prepared a special gift

[Source]    China News Service [Time]    2016-06-23 11:43:15 

Director of Confucius Institute in Belgrade Prof. Radosav Pusic is a well-known Serbian sinologist. After hearing that Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping, upon invitation from Serbian President Mr. Nikolic, will pay a state visit to Serbia, Prof. Pusic and the Confucius Institute began making thorough preparations.

“This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Confucius Institute in Belgrade. Our students have prepared some special entertainment performances, so that they can show President Xi the results of their studies in Chinese culture.”

Prof. Pusic also prepared a special gift for President Xi Jinping: a collection of the Confucius Institute in Belgrade Almanach, published in Chinese, English and Serbian.

Prof. Pusic is particularly proud of this journal. He proudly said that, “It may only be published once a year, but it’s the only trilingual publication on the Balkan Peninsula regarding Chinese culture.”

Prof. Pusic continued saying, “In Serbia very few people actually understand China and its connections and communications with the West and the rest of the world. So I made two columns in the journal, using Serbian to introduce China’s connections and communications with other countries, and to introduce the history of communication between China and Serbia.”

This journal is like Prof. Pusic’s own child to him, so he is willing to spend much time and energy making it as good as possible. He says, “Choosing the articles, contacting translators, proofreading to ensure the articles and translations correspond well all take time, and much care.”

In the past few instalments of the journal, Prof. Pusic has chosen to translate works by Chinese authors, such as Jia Pingwa, Xiao Hong and Shu Ting, into Serbian. “These are all works that I am quite fond of. Aside from these I also highly enjoy the works of literary masters such as Hu Shi and Lin Yutang. They all have a very thorough knowledge of both Chinese and Western works.”

Prof. Pusic also created a column in the journal called “Chinese Language and Characters”, so that more Serbians can learn how to speak Chinese and recognize Chinese characters.

Prof. Pusic says, “I just want more Serbians to have a better understanding of Chinese language and Chinese characters. As long as they love the language, learning Chinese will not be a difficult matter.”

Prof. Pusic’s own path to studying Chinese began from “falling in love with Laozi”. He recalls that ever since middle school he was fascinated by the ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi, and greatly wished to be able to read his works one day. To this end, he began the long road toward mastering Chinese.

“At first I studied Chinese at University of Belgrade. Then I continued my studies in Beijing and Nanjing. If I wanted to understand Laozi’s works, in addition to modern Chinese I also had to learn classical Chinese, at which point I found more and more what a deep and profound language it is.”

Presently, Prof. Pusic is a Chinese language professor at University of Belgrade, as well as Director of the Confucius Institute there, and a well-known sinologist of Serbia. He believes that throughout the years his main motive is love. “If you love China, you will love the Chinese language; if you have love, nothing can stop you.”

What he currently seeks to achieve is getting more Serbians to love China and Chinese. Just as he wrote in the author’s introduction to the Confucius Institute in Belgrade Almanach:

The Confucius Institute seeks to, through the voice of Confucius Institute, connect people throughout Serbia and the surrounding regions who love the language and culture of China, so that they may actively participate in the discussion, thereby increasing the understanding between Serbia, China and the rest of the world.

(China News Service)