Confucius Institute at Eötvös Loránd University and the Scientific Research Centre of the General Staff of the Hungarian Defence Forces jointly host the “China’s Response to Challenges of Globalization” Symposium 

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Eötvös Loránd University [Time]    2016-06-15 17:49:40 

On May 25th, local time, the symposium entitled “China’s Response to Challenges of Globalization”, jointly hosted by the Confucius Institute at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE, for its Hungarian acronym) and the Scientific Research Centre of the General Staff of the Hungarian Defence Forces, was held at Stefánia Palota of the Hungarian Ministry of Defence. More than a hundred experts from think tanks of Chinese and Hungarian military, political and education circles attended the conference.

Lieutenant General Zoltán Orosz speaking at the opening ceremony

At the opening ceremony, Lieutenant General Zoltán Orosz, Deputy Chief of Defence of the Hungarian Armed Forces; Mr. Barna Mezey, Rector of the ELTE; and Mr. Duan Jielong, Chinese Ambassador to Hungary successively delivered their speeches.

Mr. Barna Mezey, Rector of the ELTE, making his remarks at the opening ceremony

While addressing the event, Rector Barna Mezey reviewed the efforts made by the Confucius Institute at ELTE in promoting cultural exchanges between China and Hungary, commended Dr. Imre Hamar (with Hao Qingxin as his Chinese name), local director of the Confucius Institute, for his remarkable contributions and affirmed the Confucius Institute’s positive role as a platform in accelerating talents training in linguistic and cultural fields as well as facilitating cooperation and development between China and the central and eastern European countries. Rector Barna Mezey expressed his belief that the Confucius Institute at ELTE would foster high-level ambassadors for Chinese culture and make even greater contributions to deepening the friendship and cooperation between China and Hungary.

Ambassador Duan Jielong delivering a speech

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Duan Jielong comprehensively expounded on the South China Sea issue. Senior Colonel Pan Youmu and Senior Colonel Wang Guifang from the Academy of Military Science (AMS) of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) presented China’s peacekeeping efforts and its counter-terrorism policies, respectively.

Then, at the symposium which was divided into three groups, 27 experts and scholars conducted discussions on their respective research subjects, including “China’s Status and Role in Today’s Global System”, “World Order Rebalance under the Belt and Road Initiative”, “China’s Energy Policy” and “The Innovation System in China”, which received widespread attention from the attendees.

Director Li Min conversing with Lieutenant General Zoltán Orosz

Ms. Li Min, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at ELTE, conveyed the Institute’s gratitude to Lieutenant General Zoltán Orosz. She said that the Confucius Institute was deeply honored to co-host this symposium and hailed its great significance in providing a platform for the attendees to exchange ideas and present their research efforts. Lieutenant General Zoltán Orosz fully affirmed the Confucius Institute’s efforts for this symposium.

This symposium enhanced the mutual understanding between China and Hungary in political, military and economic fields, and, in particular, helped offer China’s perspectives on the current important hotspot issues, laying a foundation for bilateral cooperation in wider areas in the future.

The Scientific Research Centre of the General Staff of the Hungarian Defence Forces is the top research institution of the Hungarian Armed Forces and one of the key think tanks for national and military decision-making in Hungary. This symposium marks the first successful collaboration between the Confucius Institute at ELTE and the Centre, which will further expand areas for bilateral cooperation between the Confucius Institute and its host country, Hungary.

Story/photos by Tan Yue