Confucius Institute at Semyung University holds South Korea Children’s Day Chinese Culture Experience Event

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Semyung University [Time]    2016-05-27 16:39:37 

On May 5, 2016, Children’s Day in South Korea, the Confucius Institute at Semyung University in Jecheon City held a Chinese culture experience event, with the theme “Friendship between China and South Korea, to be passed on throughout the generations”. The abundantly varied activities, including tea ceremony performances, Beijing opera mask making, Chinese language classes and photos with a giant panda, attracted more than 1,000 locals to participate.

South Korean children actively participating in the Beijing opera mask making activity

Of the many activities, that which was most popular among the children was making Beijing opera masks. The children diligently recreated the traditional designs, one brush stroke at a time. Many parents participated along with their children. Teachers from CI told participants about the history and development of Beijing opera, and those in attendance learned much about this traditional art.

Jecheon City mayor Lee Keun Kyu tasting pu’er tea

Also worth noting is that the mayor of Jecheon City, Lee Keun Kyu, attended the event especially to view the CI teachers’ tea ceremony performance. The teachers introduced the history of Chinese tea culture to those present, and held a Chinese tea ceremony demonstration. Mayor Lee Keun Kyu praised tea culture as a unique traditional culture of China.

South Korean children trying out a Chinese language class

Group photo of children, parents and teachers participating in the Beijing opera mask painting activity

The Chinese language classes and photos with the giant panda also attracted the children’s attention, creating a very lively atmosphere.

This event incited interest in the children to study Chinese, and deepened the locals’ knowledge of Chinese culture.

Story: Jin Dezhong, Yang Jianmei, Liu Xianbin