China’s Ambassador to Tajikistan Mr. Yue Bin teaches class at the Confucius Institute at Tajikistan Nationality University

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Tajikistan Nationality University [Time]    2016-04-21 16:23:18 

On the afternoon of April 13, the Confucius Institute at Tajikistan Nationality University hosted a special never-before-seen Chinese class, one taught by China’s ambassador to Tajikistan himself.

The ambassador teaching

Students listening to class

Ambassador Yue Bin taught HSK Level IV materials using expressive gestures and language and innovative teaching methods that also communicated a rich mixture of knowledge about Chinese culture, Chinese itself, and practical ways to learn it. During class, the students were split into discussion groups, and when he asked questions, students were quick to volunteer answers, making for a very lively class.

Students actively answering questions

Yue Bin and the students and teachers of the Confucius Institute

After the first class, the students all said they’d take the ambassador’s class again. Yue Bin encouraged his students to continue working and learn to listen, speak, read, and write Chinese, and to go to China if the opportunity arises, because having a real understanding of the history and modern development of Chinese culture will allow them to make their own contributions to deepening the friendship and cooperation between China and Tajikistan and cultural exchange between all the world’s people.

Text: Jiang Zhijuan; Images: Hua Bin


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