Chinese New Year wins support among the residents from Wigan Borough

[Source]     [Time]    2016-03-17 14:16:22 

From January to February 26th, 2016, the Confucius Classroom at Wigan and Leigh College held 14 Chinese New Year celebrations for more than 3,000 local residents. Many social media outlets reported these events.

Since before Christmas, the Confucius Classroom at Wigan and Leigh College continued to receive many requests from local schools, colleges and social communities to arrange Chinese New Year celebrations. From four-year-old toddlers to elderly men and women, everyone in attendance greatly enjoyed and showed strong interest in the activities, including the presentation of Chinese New Year, the Monkey King’s performance, trying on Chinese costumes, kung fu tea ceremony, taiji, craft making, Chinese calligraphy, and food tasting. Many children said that they must go to China one day.

Attraction 1: Monkey King’s performance and various cultural activities

2016 is the Year of Monkey, so Confucius Classroom teacher Lianda Dong played the Monkey King and performed a kung fu show; everyone loved his performance and asked to take photos with the Monkey King after his performance. Some children said they would love to watch Journey to the West. We arranged different activities for different ages; for example, taiji and craft making for the children; calligraphy, kung-fu tea ceremony and food tasting for adults; trying on traditional costumes and Monkey King performance for family groups; and seated taiji for elderly persons with mobility problems.

Monkey King with the children

Various cultural activities

Attraction 2: Chinese culture corners in local schools

With the assistance of the teachers from the Confucius Classroom and local schools, the students from Hindley Green Community Primary School, Aspull Church Primary School and Shevington High School designed and created their own Chinese culture corners, which involved many aspects of Chinese culture.

Hindley Green Community Primary School Chinese culture corners

Attractions 3: Chinese culture wins young children’s affection

While we held these Chinese New Year activities for the students from five local schools, as well as the Brownies and Wigan Youth Zone, we were surprised not only by their thorough knowledge of Chinese culture, but also by their recognition of Chinese New Year. After the events, the Confucius Classroom received three new school partners. One of them, St. John and St. Mary Primary School, would like to begin YCT lessons for grade 3 to grade 6 students.

Students from St. John and St. Mary actively answered the Chinese culture questions

Attraction 4: Social media press coverage and attention from high profile media outlets

The Chinese New Year celebrations of the Confucius classroom at Wigan and Leigh College this year were reported by many media outlets. Apart from the report of the Wigan Council official website, Ms. Wei Nan was also interviewed by local broadcast station Wish FM. Quite a few social accounts on Facebook and Twitter shared our Chinese New Year celebrations as well. Some of the schools’ websites reported the events as well. Even the local newspaper included at least two reports about the events. Because of these wide social impacts and the great support from Consul Wang Ying, Education Section, Consulate-General of China in Manchester, the Mayor of Wigan visited our Confucius Classroom on February 29th and gave us high praise.

Local newspaper’s coverage of one of the events


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