Mayor of Wigan visits the Confucius Classroom at Wigan & Leigh College with high praise

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Wigan & Leigh College [Time]    2016-03-05 13:28:27 

On February 29th, 2016, Susan Loudon, the Mayor of Wigan visited Confucius Classroom at Wigan & Leigh College along with Lynda Jackson, manager of Museum of Wigan Life, to show their praise and support for the Confucius Classroom’s 8 years of work. The visit was reported by the local press.

Susan Loudon, Mayor of Wigan, has always been a friend of China. After President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the UK last year, she paid more attention to the Confucius Classroom. A month ago, Susan attended the largest Chinese New Year Celebration in Wigan, which was organized by none other than the Confucius Classroom at Wigan & Leigh College. When she learned that the Confucius Classroom has held 14 consecutive Chinese New Year celebrations for more than 3,000 local community residents, primary schools and high schools, she was satisfied with the Confucius Classroom’s work and expressed her support.

The Mayor was warmly welcomed by the vice-principal of Wigan & Leigh College, Louise Brown, the Confucius Classroom manager Ms. Nan Wei and two Hanban teachers.

The Confucius Classroom also invited two student representatives to join the seminar.

First, Ms. Nan gave a brief presentation for the Mayor and other guests in which she summarized the Confucius Classroom’s 8 years of work. The Mayor recognized the Classroom’s achievements and praised that the Confucius Classroom for bringing local people the taste of a fresh and different culture, which enriches community and college life for citizens, students and staff.

Confucius Classroom manager Ms. Nan reporting on 8 years of work to the Mayor

Later, the Mayor watched a Chinese kung fu tea ceremony and tasted the results with the manager of the Museum. They also saw a tai chi performance by the Confucius Classroom’s teacher. The Mayor could still remember the Chinese tea she tried at the Chinese New Year Celebration a month ago. Our teacher patiently answered her questions, and after watching the tai chi demonstration, she had nothing but praise for the exercise and said it could calm both mind and body. She said that this kind of exercise should be promoted in the community.

Confucius Classroom teacher performs a tea ceremony for the Mayor and guests

During the seminar, the Confucius Classroom also prepared Chinese food for the guests. The two student representatives discussed their feelings about learning China’s language and culture in the Confucius Classroom, saying they hoped to go to China for further education or work after learning Chinese. All the guests were moved by the students’ passion. Then, they tried to puzzle out how to use chopsticks, and also learned some basic Chinese words.

The Mayor learning how to use chopsticks

The Mayor and guests with Confucius Classroom teachers and student representatives

After the visit, the Mayor of Wigan praised the Confucius Classroom’s teaching and work. She also hopes the Confucius Classroom can bring more Chinese culture to local people, and hopes the cultural exchange will accelerate the economic and cultural development in Wigan and strengthen the China-UK relationship.