‘The fullness of spring in Rome’ gala held in Rome’s Auditorium Parco della Musica, Italy

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Rome La Sapienza in Italy [Time]    2016-02-16 18:13:16 

At local time on 30 January 2016, ‘the fullness of spring in Rome’ gala was held in Rome’s Auditorium Parco della Musica. This is one of a series of Chinese New Year cultural activities at the Confucius Institute at University of Rome La Sapienza in Italy. In total thousands of spectators took part, and the atmosphere was exceptionally lively.

The events this time closely centered on the festival temple fair, and experiencing a taste of China. The careful planning and preparation of the teachers from the Confucius Institute was evident in both the layout of the area and the organization of the activities. There were Spring Festival couplets, Chinese decorative knots, brush painting, calligraphy, shuttlecock kicking – everything was there to ensure the day had all the atmosphere of a traditional Chinese New Year. The activities were divided into four sections: ‘fortune arrives at home’ with writing of the Chinese character fu; signing names on ‘year of the monkey’ banners; shuttlecock kicking competitions; and a mimicry show involving emulating the movie, Monkey King: Hero is Back. Audience members at each of the stalls were eager to take part and surged forward enthusiastically.

Trying their hands at calligraphy

Monkey King: Hero is Back mimicry show

Confucius Institute teachers giving a Taiji fan performance

At dusk, the spectacular ‘Chinese Year of the Monkey Music Event’ organized by the Chinese Embassy in Italy kicked off, and the atmosphere in the Auditorium Parco della Musica once again reached a peak. Members of the Chinese Guangdong Folk Orchestra gave those in the audience a wonderful performance. It is worth mentioning that Qian Qian, a teacher from the Confucius Institute at University of Rome La Sapienza, and one of the Institute’s students, Guglielmo Guerra, took it upon themselves to jointly host the concert. This is the second time they have worked together, the first being in 2014 when they hosted the Confucius Institute’s tenth anniversary celebrations. Unlike last time when they had to use their own native languages, this time the hosts fluently conversed in each other’s mother tongues during the event, to the universal acclaim and praise of those in the audience.

Qian Qian and Guglielmo Guerra hosting the event

After the show, everyone in the audience stood up and gave the performers a warm round of applause. Audience members numerously stated that the whole concert had a strong flavor of China, and was unambiguously Chinese in character and culture. ‘Music has no borders’, and this lunar New Year’s concert will form a bond and improve the friendship between people from China and Italy.

Story by Qi Dong and Jiang Ting; Photograph by Liu Qinghui and Ouyang Song