Confucius Institute in Belgrade celebrates the global “Confucius Institute Day” for a taste of Chinese culture

[Source]    the Confucius Institute in Belgrade [Time]    2015-10-20 17:23:26 

On September 26th local time, the Confucius Institute in Belgrade, Serbia, held Chinese cultural experience activities in celebration of the “Global Confucius Institute Day”. With an aim of engaging with local people, all teachers and volunteers of the Confucius Institute presented fantastic performances and a variety of interactive activities, bringing Chinese culture closer to the local people.

The activities were composed of three sections, namely art performances, a public oral Chinese class, and a cultural experience section. The event started with a fan dance performed by secondary school students from the Chinese class of the Confucius Institute. To the tune Blue-and-white Porcelain, Serbian girls in red costumes danced gracefully, which instantly attracted many passersby. Then, the face-changing performance, typical of the Sichuan Opera, presented by a local Chinese art enthusiast amazed the audience with mysterious gestures and movements. Dressed in Cheongsam, teachers of the Confucius Institute sang the melodious Chinese folk song Jasmine Flower. And the Chinese Taijiquan performance by the local Martial Arts Association and the song Grand China by the student choir of the Confucius Institute also won rounds of applause from the audience.

Fan dance

A magical face-changing show

Taijiquan performance

During the interval of the performances, volunteer teachers gave local people an introductory lesson on the Chinese language. Excited and curious, the children learnt earnestly Chinese daily expressions, including “ni hao(Hello)”, “ni jiao shen me ming zi(What’s your name)” and “jian dao ni hen gao xing(Glad to meet you)”.

“Hello, I am glad to meet you,” a girl said in Chinese

The cultural experience section also attracted a big crowd of audience throughout the event. Teachers and volunteers of the Confucius Institute gave Chinese knots, paper-cuts and Chinese calligraphic signatures as presents to the local people. Children were marveled when seeing their Slavic names turned into Chinese characters like magic and cherished the calligraphic signatures a lot. Under the guidance of volunteer teachers, many people mastered how to make simple Chinese knots soon. Many more were queuing to get free Chinese knot bracelets, hoping to give them to their children as a symbol of good luck.

“My name is Dunja”

This event was the high tide of global “Confucius Institute Day” celebration series organized by the Confucius Institute in Belgrade. Local people were provided with chances to attend special lectures, cultural experience activities and interactive activities hosted by the Confucius Institute, which gave them a first-hand experience of Chinese culture.


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