Wuhan University Students’ Art Troupe holds a music gala at Confucius Institute Metropolis Ruhr to show the regional charm of Hubei Province

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at Trier University [Time]    2015-10-15 17:18:02 

On September 20 local time, the students’ art troupe of Wuhan University arrived in Germany to start its ten-day tour in Europe at the request of Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban). Their trip gained support from the Confucius Institute Metropolis Ruhr, Germany, the Confucius Institute at Trier University, Germany, and the Confucius Institute at the University of Graz, Austria. The art troupe will present seven shows as an important part of this year’s “Confucius Institute Day” celebrations in six cities of Germany, Austria and Luxembourg.       

On the evening of September 21, a music gala entitled “The Charm of Chu” (“Chu” is the ancient name for the present-day Hubei Province, China) was staged at Burggymnasium Essen in Essen, a long-term partner of the Confucius Institute Metropolis Ruhr. An audience of over 500 people feasted their eyes and ears on the dance and music brought by Wuhan University art troupe and Burggymnasium Essen’s Chinese choir and student orchestra.  

The two-and-a-half-hour gala had altogether 20 performances, including fabulous traditional Chinese folk dance, powerful symphonies, exciting shows by Burggymnasium Essen’s Chinese choir and, as the grand finale, a thrilling song sung by all the audience and performers in chorus.          


The dance The Passion of Chu


The dance Beauty


The dance Hundreds of Flowers in Bloom

The gala started with The Passion of Chu, a highly characteristic Chinese dance that featured a combination of energy, flexibility and rhythmic beauty, drawing rounds of applause. After several performances of Chinese folk music and dance, Burggymnasium Essen’s orchestra played Bacchanale and Sof Sof. Then followed two classic Chinese songs—The Same Song and Jasmine—performed by school’s Chinese choir to the accompaniment of piano together with traditional Chinese musical instruments like erhu, guzheng, and pipa. It is worth mentioning that the choir once performed for Madam Peng Liyuan during her visit to the school in 2014. In the end, the choir sang Auld Lang Syne in Chinese and German alongside all the audience present, pushing the gala to a climax.    


Chinese chorus Jasmine

After the gala, a group of German students presented bouquets to the Chinese performers. Ms. Petra Schnell-Klöppel, principal of Burggymnasium Essen, expressed her sincere thanks to all the staff and performers, the audience and the Confucius Institute Metropolis Ruhr. She hoped that more Chinese cultural activities would be held at the school in future.  


Staff members and performers

The art troupe will perform in Moers and Bochum of Ruhr on September 23 and 24 before heading to Austria and Luxembourg.

By Liu Qingli


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