2015 In-Service Training Workshop for Confucius Institute Directors (3rd Session) officially inaugurated

[Source]    Xiamen University [Time]    2015-10-13 14:17:59 

On October 11th, the 2015 In-Service Training Workshop for Confucius Institute Directors (3rd Session), sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and organized by Xiamen University, was officially inaugurated. A total of 36 local directors of Confucius Institutes in 27 countries from five continents attended this 9-day workshop, which has been the sixth one organized by Xiamen University since 2010.

The opening ceremony of the workshop was hosted by Prof. Li Jianfa, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of Xiamen University and Vice-President of the University. First speaking at the ceremony, Prof. Zhang Yan, Secretary of CPC Committee of Xiamen University, on behalf of Xiamen University, extended his warm welcome to all the directors who travelled long distance to attend this workshop. He said that Xiamen University, always attaching high significance to cross-cultural communication and internationalization, has achieved remarkable accomplishments in the development of its co-established Confucius Institutes and international promotion of the Chinese language and will do its best to provide thoughtful and meticulous service for this workshop.

Later, while addressing the event, Madam Xu Lin, Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters and Director General of Hanban, presented to the directors the unique culture of Xiamen and the outstanding accomplishments of Xiamen University in organizing training programs for Confucius Institute directors. She also patiently answered some issues of concern to the directors, such as questions about model Confucius Institutes, scholarships supporting students to study in China, joint conference of Confucius Institutes in Europe, and so on.

Director General Madam Xu Lin speaking at the event

Then, Nasyrova Saodat, Director of the Confucius Institute in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, delivered a speech on behalf of all attending directors. She talked about the achievements of her Confucius Institute in recent years and expressed her deep feelings of the brand-new development opportunities for the Confucius Institutes in Central Asia brought about by the “Belt and Road Initiative” of the Chinese government.

A local director speaking at the ceremony

As the organizer of this workshop, Xiamen University, under the guidance of Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and by soliciting suggestions from all sides through wide consultation, prepares a variety of events for the directors, including seminars, roundtables, talks, and field trips. In addition, a number of renowned scholars from both home and abroad, like Zhou Mingwei, Michael Kahn-Ackermann, S. Nazli Wasti, Liu Haifeng, Yan Binggang, Jiang Haishan, Liao Shaolian, Fu Siyi and Qian Xiaoyan, are invited to give talks on a wide range of topics, including Chinese economy, culture, education, and more. During the workshop, the directors will also conduct several field trips in Xiamen to experience the unique local culture of southern Fujian.

A group photo of all guests and attending directors

This high-level workshop for Confucius Institute directors is of twofold significance. On one hand, it serves as a prime opportunity for directors from all over the world to share their experience in managing Confucius Institutes so as to improve their future work in management. On the other hand, it furthers the directors’ knowledge of China’s tradition and reality and deepens their understanding of the Chinese economy, culture and education, thus helping them contemplate on ideas and focuses of the development of Confucius Institutes under the new circumstances.

By Li Linping


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