Teacher of the Confucius Institute helps National Aerobic Team of the Republic of Congo win gold medal in the All-Africa Games

[Source]    University of Jinan [Time]    2015-09-22 15:29:08 

On September 7th (local time), the National Aerobic Team of the Republic of Congo, which was coached by Yang Peng, a Chinese P.E. teacher of the Confucius Institute at University of Marien Ngouabi, won the gold medal of men’s singles in the All-Africa Games, which was the first one for the country in this year’s competition. Apart from that, they also won bronze medals for mixed doubles and groups.

Delmas competing in the finals of men’s singles

Coming from the University of Jinan in China, Yang Peng was appointed as the head coach of the National Aerobic Team of the Republic of Congo in March this year. At the beginning, due to the tight budget, the training facilities were so poor that they couldn’t even afford the mattresses and shoes for professional training timely and the athletes often got themselves injured. Still in its beginning stages, the National Aerobic Team was composed of eight high school students, some of whom were already beyond the optimal age for aerobics and were very weak in fundamental skills. Although facing with such difficulties, Yang Peng rose to the challenges and trained the athletes according to their own merits. After several months, his athletes started to make remarkable improvements in their performance in competitions.

Mercia competing in the women’s singles

Yang Peng observing the performance of the athletes

Mercia and Delmas winning the bronze medal for mixed doubles

Opened on September 4th (local time), the All-Africa Games will last for 15 days and more than 8,000 athletes from 45 countries and regions will compete in 22 major categories.


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