Confucius Institute at Frankfurt University, Germany, holds “Experience China” Children’s Week

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at Frankfurt University [Time]    2015-09-18 14:42:00 

From August 24th to 28th local time, the Confucius Institute at Frankfurt University for the second time cohosted its special event—“Experience China” Children’s Week with Phorms Primary School, Frankfurt. During the five days, children accompanied by Chinese teachers from the Confucius Institute learned Chinese language, culture and tasted Chinese food.

In this event, children learned how to use chopsticks and writing brush, tasted Chinese food, watched Chinese Kung Fu films, etc. For art classes, children learned Chinese dance or Kung Fu as they like. To help children learn the genuine Chinese art, the Institute invited masters as teachers. On the last day, parents and teachers from Phorms watched the performance staged by the children. Many parents said that five days’ learning and experience enriched their children’s life, and that they were gratified to see their children use simple Chinese to communicate and perform a short play.

“Look at my writing!”

“We’re doing orchid finger!

“My Kung Fu dream!”

Chinese short play—“When we are Together”

“Children’s Week” is the brand event of the Confucius Institute at Frankfurt University, which has been held for over ten times since 2010. Every year, the event attracts many children who are interested in Chinese culture. In light of local children’s characteristics, the Institute designs relaxing and delightful class activities of Chinese culture, with the aim of spreading Chinese culture with entertaining classes and kindling in children the passion for Chinese language.


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