“Chinese Culture Month” inaugurated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro [Time]    2015-09-10 16:40:18 

On August 31st (local time), the “Chinese Culture Month” was inaugurated at the Confucius Institute at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), kicking off a series of events to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the establishment of this Confucius Institute. Guests attending this opening ceremony included Pe. Josafá Carlos de Siqueira, S.J., President of PUC-Rio; Prof. Luiz Carlos Scavarda do Carmo and Prof. Sergio Bruni, Vice Presidents of the University; and Ms. Qiao Jianzhen and Júlio Diniz, Chinese and Brazilian Directors of the Confucius Institute.

Ms. Qiao Jianzhen said that the Confucius Institute at PUC-Rio has been growing steadily since its establishment and she thanked PUC-Rio for its strong support. Mr. Júlio Diniz expressed his sincere gratitude to Hebei University, the Chinese partner university, for its support and all relative personnel who have contributed to the development of the Confucius Institute.

Speaking at the event, President Pe. Josafá Carlos de Siqueira, S.J. said that the Confucius Institute at PUC-Rio is the third one in Brazil. He further pointed out that PUC-Rio and China share a long history of relationship, with the bamboos grown on the campus and the oranges placed on the ground of this event’s venue both originated from China. And even the venue was constructed with bamboos as its major materials. All these fully showcase the inseparable relations between Brazil and China. He also expressed that PUC-Rio would continue to support the development of the Confucius Institute and wished a bright future of the Institute.

With a loud sound of the gong and drum, the lion dance team performing for the first time at this university, came to the stage after walking around the venue. The sonorous drum sounds and spectacular performance by the lion dance masters drew rounds of applause from the audience who were extremely pleased with the good luck and happiness embodied by the Chinese lion dance culture. Finally, when the lion dance performers tossed a “lettuce”, the symbol of good fortune, to the audience, a banner with the Portuguese words “Prosperity & Development” on was unfolded, pushing the celebration to a climax.


The start of the lion dance


The lion dance team interacting with the audience


President of PUC-Rio receiving the orange

It is learned that this one-month “Chinese Culture Month” will be celebrated at different teaching sites of the Confucius Institute in four cities of three states, including federal universities, private universities and bilingual schools. Various forms of celebrations will be held, such as Chinese culture lectures, film screenings, photo exhibitions, table tennis games, badminton games, as well as paper-cutting, calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting and Hulusi (cucurbit flute) performances to be held during the ten days of Rio Book Fair. All celebrations will conclude on the global “Confucius Institute Day”.

Story by Qiao Jianzhen

Photos by Zhang Haohe


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