Confucius Institute in Rio de Janeiro highly popular in “Job Fair Week”

[Source]    The Confucius Institute at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro [Time]    2015-08-28 16:30:44 

On August 11th (local time), the 18th “Job Fair Week at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro” in Brazil was officially opened and attracted over 10,000 local participants. The Confucius Institute at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) was invited for the third time to attend this event.

At the event, many visitors were soon attracted by the bright red color of the Confucius Institute’s stand where red Chinese knots and lanterns were hung up high and various items representing Chinese culture were put on the table, including brush pens, pandas, common carp, ink and wash paintings and bamboo slips. At the opening ceremony, Fr. Josafá Carlos de Siqueira, President of PUC-Rio, with his fellow, came to the stand of the Confucius Institute, congratulated on the achievements of the Institute and thanked the Institute for participating in this event as promised even during the most difficult time of the Brazilian economy.

The stand of the Confucius Institute

During this event, Agnes, a teacher of the Department of Law of PUC-Rio, also came to the stand of the Institute wearing a long red dress. She said that she specially wore this dress to match the Chinese red. She also expressed that she had introduced the Confucius Institute to her students many times and encouraged them to learn Chinese.

At the event

On August 14th, the “Job Fair Week” reached its climax. Students of the primary and secondary schools near PUC-Rio came to visit the stand of the Confucius Institute after school and asked for cards with their Chinese names and Chinese-Portuguese bilingual bookmarks with Chinese characters “Zhishi” (knowledge), “Heping” (peace), “Xingfu” (happiness), and “Jiankang” (health). Some of the students even introduced the activities of the Confucius Institute to their family members and neighbors and brought them to the stand to learn some simple Chinese expressions like “Nihao” (Hello) and “Xiexie” (Thank you!).

The Confucius Institute attended this “Job Fair Week” consecutively for four days. Many graduates from public universities in Rio de Janeiro also came to the stand of the Confucius Institute to look for internship opportunities and inquired information about Chinese language courses. In addition, many local enterprises expressed their willingness to establish partnership with the Confucius Institute to teach their staff members to speak Chinese. An exhibitor from one of the enterprises came to the stand four times and brought different clients each time. She hoped that she could be an ambassador of the Confucius Institute forever and that her own enterprise could have closer ties with the Confucius Institute.

The Confucius Institute at PUC-Rio always adheres to the development principle of localization and is actively engaged in various events of its host university and city. This time, the Confucius Institute successfully showcases its own features to the general public in Rio de Janeiro and becomes a true friendly bond in the growing China-Brazil relations.

Story by Qiao Jianzhen

Photos by Zhang Haohe


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