Confucius Institute at the Catholic University of Santa Maria, Peru, attends the university’s “Open Day”

[Source]    the Confucius Institute of the Catholic University of Santa Maria [Time]    2015-07-22 15:27:55 

From July 2 to July 3 local time, the Catholic University of Santa Maria, Peru held the “Open Day” on the campus. The Confucius Institute participated in this activity and set up two booths with distinctive Chinese features, which attracted nearly a thousand teachers, students and their parents to visit and consult.

Booths of the Confucius Institute attracting lots of visitors

“Chinese Red” on the green lawn stood out to be the predominant color of the Confucius Institute’s booths. A red poster was posted on the entrance, and there listed names of the 18 newly enrolled students who won scholarship this year as well as details of the scholarship. Inside the red booths, there hung lanterns, Chinese knots and some small ornaments with Chinese characteristics. Delicate Chinese magazines, pictorials and paper cutting were lying on the shelves. Videos like “Beijing welcomes you”, “Collection of Confucius Institute activities” and “Beautiful China” were played on the large flat-screen television. Between the two booths was a huge, lovely panda. Teachers, students and their parents who attended this event were all deeply attracted by the Chinese glamor of the booths and these cultural activities. Some of them lined in queue to wait for an authentic Chinese name; some enthusiastically involved themselves in the game of picking beans with chopsticks; some took photos with the panda one after another; and others happily participated in the activity of “learning Chinese language and winning small Chinese gifts”.

Getting a Chinese name

Studying Chinese calligraphy

The game of picking beans with chopsticks

The “Open Day” lasted for two days. The Confucius Institute took this opportunity to display its characteristic advantages, which further promoted Chinese language and Chinese cultural courses and inspired local people’s interest and enthusiasm in Chinese language and Chinese culture. Many students expressed their wish to visit the Confucius Institute and their interest in learning Chinese language there.

By Xiao Lanfang and Peng Qigui


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