College students from 97 countries showcase their Chinese language “Kung Fu”
——Semifinals of the 14th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students held in Hunan

[Source]    Hanban [Time]    2015-07-14 14:23:51 

On July 6, the semifinals of the 14th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students officially started in Hunan, China, in which 133 outstanding college students from 97 countries worldwide will showcase their Chinese language “Kung Fu” in the following semifinals and finals.

It is learned that the first three semifinals will be speech contests where contestants will deliver their speeches on “My Gift to ‘Chinese Bridge’”. Based on the continents, the 133 contestants are divided into five groups to compete in the three semifinals. Contestants of each continent will advance to the fourth semifinal in proportion to the number of contestants in each group, adding up to 30 from all five continents. In the first three rounds, the contestants will demonstrate or exhibit the gift they choose to represent their country while delivering their speeches.

Forty-seven contestants from the America Group and the Africa Group competed in the first semifinal. For each group, the contestants delivered their speeches one after another. They were ranked by the sum of “Guoqiao scores”, scores by the judges and extra scores by the public jury, and the top three directly advanced to the next round. Contestants ranked between the fourth to the ninth would compete in a 30-second section of free talent show to solicit the audience’s support. Three with the highest scores in this section would also advance to the fourth semifinals. In the speeches themed “My Gift to ‘Chinese Bridge’”, the contestants in turns shared their ideas with full passion, introducing the items they chose in fluent Chinese to the judges and audience, which might bring them good luck in advancing to the next round. Among the contestants, Le My Viet from Houston, also known as “China’s Son-in-law”, sparked loud cheers with his exceptionally handsome look and charismatic temperament the moment he appeared on the stage. He also won favor from the judges with his fluent spoken Chinese. Samuel Fru Asanji from Cameroon, with the Chinese name Sun Fuyu, won increasing popularity with his demonstration of a wooden map of Cameroon. After the fierce competition of the 90-second speech contest, Le My Viet from Houston, Daza La Rosa  Andrea Alessandra from Peru, Maya Lopez Juan Mateo from Colombia of the America Group; and Samuel Fru Asanji from Cameroon, Hove Tanatswa from Zimbabwe and Mohamed Hussain Mohamed Hamed from Sudan of the Africa Group directly secured their seats in the fourth semifinals.

With a hope to win a seat in the fourth semifinals, the contestants prepared their best talent shows, such as guitar playing and singing, rap, clapper talk, and spear play. Although they didn’t rank top in the speeches, Berkowitz Alyssa Jacqueline from New York and Paranjpe Ishan Dhananjay from San Francisco and Surroca Sebastian Raul from Argentina of the America Group and Ravelonarivo Hantsanirina Lahatra Nomenisoa Ezekiela from Madagascar, Ramalebang Mogolo Kefalotse from Botswana and Oshodi Jolade Oluwafisayomi from Lagos of the Africa Group still turned the table and entered the next round with their splendid talent shows. 

As is learned, the contestants of the Europe Group will compete on July 7 and those of the Asia and Oceania Group will compete on July 8.


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