“Chinese-style Music Festival” held at Benin’s University of Abomey-Calavi

[Source]     [Time]    2015-07-13 15:41:15 

On May 26, the University of Abomey-Calavi held its first “Chinese-style Music Festival” (Fête du Style Musical Chinois) on its campus. Students and teachers from the university’s Confucius Institute presented a spectacular show to an audience of over 500 people.

The music festival lasted over three hours, and altogether 40-odd songs of different styles were performed. Among them, there were not only typical “Chinese-style” songs such as New Drunken Concubine, Meeting at the Yurt and Jasmine Flower but also Chinese songs perfectly mixed with passionate, free-spirited, rock-’n’-roll-like African music like Night Jasmine, Wind Blowing in the Wheat Field, When Will the Moon Be Clear and Bright, Great China and Hometown. Ensuing were some difficult Chinese songs by students majoring in Chinese, for instance, Lady Yeliya, Gone with the Wind, The Composer and Grief, which were the best-received performances on that night.

Singing & dancing Meeting at the Yurt

A performer singing When Will the Moon Be Clear and Bright while playing guitar

A band singing The Composer

Music knows no borders. Singing solo or together, students and teachers from the Confucius Institute enjoyed the pure fun brought by the music. You and Me, a song sung by Zou Hongxia, a Chinese language teacher from the Confucius Institute, along with her student Johnson, pushed the festival to the climax. Johnson was singing in Chinese while Zou in French, and through the song they wished the friendship between China and Benin evergreen.

Excellent performances would be selected for the second global Confucius Institute Day. Besides, students and teachers from the Confucius Institute would bring their spectacular show to local communities, private schools and other institutions so that local residents could conveniently appreciate these wonderful Chinese songs.

Written/Photographed by Zhang Awei/Yuan Jianglei


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