Confucius Classroom at Novosibirsk State University holds 2015 intensive training program for local Chinese teachers, Russia

[Source]     [Time]    2015-06-30 17:09:29 

On June 8th, an intensive training program for local Chinese teachers hosted by the Confucius Classroom at Novosibirsk State University was held at Novosibirsk State University. The six-day session was set on the theme of “Chinese Lexicology and Vocabulary Pedagogy”. Ms. Lin Xiuqin, an expert in Chinese language from the Capital Normal University, China; Ms. Sun Jing, an expert in Chinese language from Russia, and Ms. Куратченко were invited to give lectures at the training sessions. A total of nearly 50 local Chinese teachers in the Novosibirsk region participated in this event.

On the morning of June 8th, the training program for local Chinese teachers in Novosibirsk was officially launched. Distinguished guests including the Vice-President of Novosibirsk State University who is in charge of teaching, Head of the Faculty of Humanities and Oriental Studies Department, the Chinese and Russian Directors of the Confucius Classroom delivered speeches respectively. Wang Lin, Chinese Director of the Confucius Classroom, passed on the basic concepts of the Confucius Institute Development Plan (2012-2020) published by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), highlighting the goals of “cooperating with international universities and establishing a series of teacher training bases with a focus on training local Chinese language teachers”. She also stressed the attention paid to this training by Hanban by sending Ms. Lin Xiuqin, an expert who was assigned to give lectures in many countries with enriched experience in training local Chinese teachers. The Confucius Classroom will set local Chinese teacher training as one of its major tasks, manifested through three forms of training held annually including “intensive theory training”, “dispersed training on teaching materials and methods”, and “online training on special topics”.

Chinese knot making workshop

Paper-cutting experiencing class

Ms. Lin delivered a range of lectures on topics such as “Cross-categorization and Flexibility of Modern Chinese Words”, “Errors in Categorization and Vocabulary Teaching”, “Application of Idioms, Tag Lines and Allusions in Chinese Teaching”. She also answered the questions proposed by some local Chinese teachers from a professional perspective and provided solutions to the practical problems encountered in Chinese teaching, which was unanimously applauded by the audience. After the lectures, Ms. Lin was always surrounded by enthusiastic participants who were hoping to have further discussions and communication with her.

Ms. Sun Jing and Ms. Куратченко delivered lectures on various topics including “Lexicology, Syntax and Etymology”, “Chinese Advertisement, Poster, Diction and Context”, and “Relationship between Chinese Notional Words and Functional Words”. In each lecture, trainees were divided into different discussion panels. Representatives of each panel would make remarks respectively, or the trainees would hold brief debates if there were different opinions towards a certain topic. Through the heated discussions, everyone benefited a lot from the exchange of views.

Apart from discussions on Chinese teaching, Chinese teachers and volunteers of the Confucius Classroom also prepared various Chinese cultural experiencing classes including Chinese knot making, paper cutting, Chinese calligraphy, singing and dancing, tea art and Chinese martial arts, which enabled the trainees to better understand Chinese culture while taking the intensive training courses. Widely applauded by the participants, the experiencing classes aroused the keen interest of the local Chinese teachers, who all expressed their wishes to learn and know about traditional Chinese culture and art.

On June 13th, the last cultural experiencing class ended. Experts of the preparatory group and the Chinese Director of the Confucius Classroom awarded certificates of completion to the participants of the training sessions, which marked the successful conclusion of this program.

Awarding certificates to volunteers

A group photo of the staff and participants

Upon the end of the training, the local teachers who participated in the program all highly commended the significance of this intensive training program. They said that the beneficial experience gained in this program helped solve many problems they encountered in practical teaching and expressed their expectations for the next intensive training. And in response, the Confucius Classroom expressed the affirmative ambition in making continuous efforts to establish a local Chinese teacher training base in the Novosibirsk region.


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