Summer camp for Indonesian Confucius Institutes inaugurated

[Source]    Indonesian Confucius Institutes [Time]    2015-06-26 17:23:54

A show by the dancing troupe of Pusat Bahasa Mandarin at University of Al Azhar at the inauguration ceremony

“Listen up! Here we go! Please check out my clapper talk show. Like a family the six CIs are, gathering together in Al-Azhar. In the CI Camp, there’s a lot to be found, and Chinese culture is all around. In here, you will learn Chinese much better, and Chinese cuisine will make your mouth water. China is said to be a feast for the eyes, which gives us joy and surprise.” Mellow songs, enchanting dances, flowing flags, fluent Chinese and authentic clapper talk impressed the audience at the opening ceremony of the 2015 Summer Camp of Confucius Institutes for College and Secondary School Students in Indonesia. A total of 137 participants dressed in camp uniform of different colors attended the opening ceremony.  

The versatile campers gave performances involving dances, solo songs, choruses, Hulusi (cucurbit flute), clapper talk, and poetry recitation to express their longing for a trip to China, which fully exhibited the vigor of the young students.

According to Prof. Dr. Ir. Sardy Sar, M.Eng.Sc., Rector of University of Al Azhar Indonesia, at the invitation of Hanban and Confucius Institute Headquarters, the teachers and students of this summer camp will pay a two-week visit to Beijing, Fujian, Guangxi, Hebei, Hubei and other places, interacting and communicating with the local students in China.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Xie Feng, China's Ambassador to Indonesia, pointed out that the Chinese-Indonesian relationship is showing a rosy picture in terms of political security, economic investment and cultural exchange. As mentioned by China's Vice Premier Liu Yandong in her speech at the University of Indonesia this May, the exchange between the young people in China and Indonesia should be designed as the flagship program of the cultural exchange between the two countries. Ambassador Xie expressed his belief that the summer camp of the Confucius Institutes would build up a bridge for better mutual understanding, inspire more young people to become contributors to Chinese-Indonesian friendship, and infuse new energy into the bilateral relations.

Girindra Wardhana delivered a speech on behalf of all the campers, in which he expressed their shared longing for China and great expectation for this summer camp. “Koran has it that, ‘To acquire knowledge, go to China and study there’. This quote has always encouraged us to visit China, a mysterious country,” he said, “Tomorrow, we will embark on our journey to China. The mere thought of this fills us with great excitement. It’s difficult to believe that our years-long dream will just come true at this moment!”


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