2015 Conference of Confucius Institutes in French-Speaking Regions in Europe held in France

[Source]    the Confucius Institute in La Rochelle [Time]    2015-06-25 15:02:24 

On June 5th, the 2015 Conference of Confucius Institutes in French-Speaking Regions in Europe was held at the Confucius Institute in La Rochelle in France. The theme of this conference was “Important Factors of the Sustainable Development of Confucius Institutes: Chinese Language Teacher Training Based on Needs in Culture Popularization”. Guests attending the conference and delivering their speeches included Michel Sabatier, Vice-President of the Agglomeration Community of La Rochelle; Isabelle Sueur, Vice-President of the Senate of University of La Rochelle; Ma Jianfei, Deputy Director General of Hanban; and Wang Luxin, Vice-President of Beijing Language and Culture University. Attending this conference were a total of around 50 Chinese and local directors of 15 Confucius Institutes from France, Belgium, Switzerland and La Réunion Islands.


Speaking at the conference, Vice-President Michel Sabatier reviewed the history of business and trade exchanges between enterprises in costal areas of Europe and China. He stated that the Agglomeration Community of La Rochelle plans to invite various China-related organizations and institutions in the La Rochelle city at the end of this year to further discuss future plans of economic and cultural exchanges with China.

Vice-President Isabelle Sueur said, “I am truly grateful for the support from Hanban. Thanks to the Confucius Institute in La Rochelle, Chinese language teaching has been strengthened and further developed not only at the University of La Rochelle but even in the primary and secondary schools in the Deux-Sèvres and Charente-Maritime provinces.”


Guests exchanging views at the conference

Deputy Director General Ma Jianfei pointed out that in the future the Confucius Institute should strengthen its integration with universities and communities and improve its quality. Also, it should ensure the openness and transparency of all activities and the use of funds and be willing to accept supervision. It should develop on the principle of adapting to local conditions and attach significance to more localized and featured ways in areas of teachers, teaching materials, teaching methods, cultural activities, and so on.


Joël Bellassen, General Inspector of National Education for Chinese Language of Ministry of Education of France, delivering his speech at the conference

During the conference, Joël Bellassen, General Inspector of National Education for Chinese Language of Ministry of Education of France, delivered a keynote speech titled “Cultivation of Local Chinese Language Teachers in France”. In the speech, he pointed out that due to the difference between French and Chinese, the two languages have been taught in distinct ways. For example, words like “Jiaoziguan” (dumplings restaurant) and “Gongchengshi” (engineer) are all translated into only single French words in Chinese textbooks in France. Therefore, students will not know the meaning of every Chinese character and the composition of words. In addition, he proposed that an outstanding teacher should play the role of a director to guide students to actively complete their performance. Thus, he suggested that Chinese language teachers should strengthen their “abilities of induction, observation and comparison”.


Delegates of this conference conducted highly effective exchanges of their own experience during the conference and strengthened the sharing and cooperation of resources among the Confucius Institutes. They also offered to Confucius Institute Headquarters practical and feasible suggestions to address the difficulties in the daily operation of the Confucius Institutes.


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