“Chinese forges bridges, dreams create miracles”
——Finals of the 14th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students in Turkey widely reported by Chinese and Turkish media

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at METU [Time]    2015-06-12 17:15:27 

On May 23rd, the final round of the 14th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students in Turkey was held at the Middle East Technical University (METU). A total of 52 contestants selected from various universities and colleges in Turkey participated in this competition and showed their Chinese proficiency and cultural abilities through writing Chinese characters, speaking Chinese and performing talents. Among the contestants, Lin Qianxi (Zeynep Küçük), a sophomore from Ankara University, won the first place for her excellent performance and will represent Turkey to compete in the finals in China.

This event received great attention from the Chinese Embassy in Turkey, the Chinese teaching sector in Turkey, China’s Hanban and other relevant friends from home and abroad, and was widely reported by a number of Chinese and Turkish media.


Mr. Yu Hongyang, Chinese Ambassador to Turkey, and his wife Ms. Zhao Meimei presenting the award to the first-place winner

The News Channel of the China Central Television Station (CCTV) reported this event in the news titled Turkey: Splendid Performances at the “Chinese Bridge” Competition in its news program at 11 am on May 24th, “With comprehensive proficiency, 25 contestants continued their competition into the public speaking contest and talent show after a writing test… Learning Chinese serves as a bridge of communication for both countries and is a shared dream of all the contestants… The performances with rich Chinese characteristics, like flute performances, Kung Fu show, traditional song singing, are not just the students’ talents, but carry their Chinese dreams.”

In this report, the champion of the competition Zeynep Küçük and Prof. S. Nazli Wasti Pamuksuz, Turkish Director of the Confucius Institute at METU, were interviewed respectively. Zeynep Küçük expressed her excitement and longing for studying in China. Prof. S. Nazli Wasti Pamuksuz said in her interview that “China has rich and colorful culture and a long history, and everyone can find the things there that interest them.”


Talent show: dance performance


Primary school students performing the song Only Mom is the Best in the World at the intermission of the competition

The China Radio International (CRI) released a report on the morning of May 24th titled 14th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students in Turkey Successfully Held. In this report, some “famous sentences” in the Chinese speeches by some of the contestants were quoted, such as “‘Chinese Bridge’ is really like a bridge, and if I can get to the other side, I will be one more step closer to my objectives”, and “I think the Chinese language is very interesting. The world is so big, and I want to see it.”

When interviewed by the reporter from CRI, Mr. Wu Changqing, Chinese Director of Confucius Institute at METU, expressed that the contestants of this year’s “Chinese Bridge” Competition demonstrated great encourage and delivered their outstanding performance, which fully showcased their enthusiasm in learning Chinese. He said, “With the rapid improvement of their overall quality, the contestants in this year’s competition performed quite excellently. The public speaking section was quite an eye-opener for our audience. It is out of our expectation that many students were so outstanding in expressing themselves in Chinese, including their use of some popular expressions in China.”

At the same time, this report from the CRI online was reposted by a number of Internet media in China, like NetEase News and Ifeng News.


Passionate audience at the competition

Xinhuanet issued a report on the morning of May 24th titled News round-up: young people in several countries compete their Chinese proficiency on the “Chinese Bridge”, in which the “Chinese Bridge” Competition in Turkey was included.

 “In the competition, contestants delivered their speeches of various titles on the theme of ‘My Chinese Dream’, like I Still Like Chinese Even Though It Is Very Difficult, Realizing My Dream in China, Chinese Makes My Life More and More Fabulous, I Love Wushu, and China is So Large and I want to See It. Several contestants just started learning Chinese and spoke with a strong accent, nonetheless, their speeches fully demonstrated the efforts that they had made. The talent show was the climax of the competition. Some contestants performed a variety of songs popular among Chinese people, like Ode to the Motherland, What a Beautiful Jasmine, Beautiful Taihu Lake, The Little Apple, and The Most Dazzling Folk Style, which were all of a unique flavor. Among other performances, the dance Dragon Lady Falls in Love with a Young Scholar and the flute performance of Love Song of Kang Ding by the Zeynep Küçük, a second-year student of the Sinology Department of Ankara University, won warm applause from the audience. In the end, she was awarded with the first prize and will represent Turkey to compete in the semi-finals and finals in China. She said, ‘I will go to China to learn playing the drums, and I also want to learn dancing. But the thing I want to do most is to do dubbing for Chinese cartoons.’”

In addition, this competition was reported by the Chinese channel of TRT, the largest national television station of Turkey.

Guests attending this “Chinese Bridge” Competition included Yu Hongyang, Chinese Ambassador to Turkey; Counselor Zhang Tao and Counselor Zhu Zihao from the Chinese Embassy in Turkey; Volkan Atalay, Vice President of METU; teacher and student representatives from the universities offering Chinese language programs; representatives of Chinese enterprises; and personage of China-Turkey friendship.


A group photo of all the guests and contestants

With the emergence of the “Chinese Fever” in the world, Turkey pays increasing attention to China and the number of students learning Chinese is also on the increase year on year. Ambassador Yu Hongyang said in his speech that “Every Chinese-learning student shoulders a noble historical mission to learn Chinese well and bridge the soul, friendship and cooperation of our two peoples for our everlasting friendship.”

By Jia Hao


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