Zen and Chinese martial arts in Shaolin Temple –Master Shi Deyang visits the Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia, Spain

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia [Time]    2015-06-11 16:07:49 

In the afternoon of May 18th, Master Shi Deyang from Shaolin Temple paid a visit to the Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia in Spain, giving a speech of “Zen and Martial Arts of Shaolin Monks”. An Wenlong, Director of Confucius Institute and Zhu Qihui, Director of Chinese Martial Arts School in Spain were present at the speech.

Before the speech, the lecture was already crowded with admiring audience. Master Shi Deyang told true stories of life in Shaolin Temple, the relationship between Shaolin martial arts and Zen, and Shaolin’s image to the world. He put special emphasis on the unification of Shaolin martial arts and Zen, and the history and development of Shaolin martial arts.

Which impressed the audience most was to witness the glamour of Shaolin martial arts in person. The audience fixed their eyes on every gesture and motion of Master Shi Deyang, and some of them even imitated the master’s motion, trying to experience Shaolin martial arts. They realized that Shaolin martial arts came out of life and was applied to life.

After the speech, the audience flocked into the culture gallery of Confucius Institute, viewing the photo exhibition of Master Shi Deyang’s life and appreciating Master’s calligraphy works. This speech enabled the Spanish audience to intimately learn about Shaolin monks, Shaolin martial arts and Shaolin Zen, and helped them better understand Shaolin culture of China.


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