Debut of TCM lectures and external treatment demonstrations at Confucius Institute at Kazan Federal University

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at Kazan Federal University [Time]    2015-06-10 16:59:39 

From May 13th to 15th, Prof. Li Tielang and Dr. Zeng Guang, two experts from Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, visited the Confucius Institute at Kazan Federal University and talked about the basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the major TCM external therapies at the lecture halls of the Confucius Institute and the Medical School of Kazan Federal University. The lectures were warmly applauded by teachers and students at the university and many local citizens, which ignited “TCM fervor” in Kazan.

At 1:30 pm on May 13th, Dr. Zeng Guang delivered a lecture on “TCM Health Care and Prevention of Common Diseases” at the lecture hall of the Confucius Institute. All seats were occupied in the lecture hall and most of the audience were local citizens and doctors. Dr. Zeng introduced TCM on various aspects covering the TCM philosophies and the comparative analysis of western and TCM treatments of common diseases, which provided the audience with both comprehensive and specific knowledge of TCM. Later on, Prof. Li Tielang’s lecture on “Influence of Spine Massage and Cupping in the Back-shu Functional Area on the Clinical Treatment Effect and Plasma TRP of CFS Patients” was held at the lecture hall of the Medical School. The lecture was hosted by Ms. Rushanya Faritovna, Deputy Director of the Medical School. The hall was seated with more than 300 audiences who were mostly teachers and students of the School and medical professionals in Kazan city. Prof. Li also presented a live demonstration of spine massage and cupping, which attracted a lot of listeners to actively get onto the stage to experience the treatment.

Demonstration of cupping

Demonstration of scraping therapy

Guests visiting the simulated hospital of the Medical School of Kazan Federal University

In the following two days, Prof. Li and Dr. Zeng respectively showcased the TCM external therapies such as massaging, cupping and scrapping. The illustration and demonstration were well integrated with teacher-student interactions. The hall was immersed in a lively atmosphere where many listeners were eager to talk to the experts about their questions and inquiries after the demonstration.

TCM experts and the translators

TCM is an essential part of Chinese culture and translation is the key to introducing TCM to the world. The strong and efficient translation team organized by the Confucius Institute guaranteed the success of this event.


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