Confucius Institute at Kyrgyz National University joined International Museum Day activities

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Kyrgyz National University [Time]    2015-06-10 16:48:50 

On the afternoon of May 18, Kyrgyz Museum of National History launched a series of activities for celebrating International Museum Day. Confucius Institute at Kyrgyz National University was invited to attend the activities, and their well-prepared China exhibition stand attracted more than a thousand participants.

Teachers and students from Confucius Institute decorated the exhibition stand with distinctive characteristics and prepared various colorful art shows, which gave local people a chance to experience Chinese culture from multi perspectives. In the culture experiencing area, participants learnt Chinese calligraphy and painting after teachers of Confucius Institute with great interests. Being enthusiastic about Chinese calligraphy and painting, they took a brush and experienced these Chinese art forms. Tea art display also attracted many participants to stay, who appreciated tea set, tasted the unique fragrance of Chinese tea and took photos.

During the art show, performance with rich Chinese characteristics, like the gallant lion dance with gong-and-drum accompaniment, the graceful dance, the melodious hulusi, bamboo flute and zheng, pushed the atmosphere to the climax. Meanwhile, Chinese martial art show amazed all the audience present, and it was welcomed by bursts of applause and cheering. This exhibition lasted until 10 pm, and was warmly received and praised by local audience.

Text and Photo by Cheng Yali


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