Wigan and Leigh College Confucius Classroom Holds China Town Trip and Celebrates HSK Exam Result

[Source]    Wigan and Leigh College Confucius Classroom [Time]    2015-06-10 16:24:42 

The students of Wigan and Leigh College Confucius Classroom spent a significant weekend together on 6 June, 2015. They put on the bright-coloured Confucius Classroom badges, stick on the Chinese Heart, and went to the China Town of Manchester and experienced the Chinese culture nearby. This is the best chance to make students be affected by the nearest Chinese culture. We also held an award ceremony for the students who have passed the HSK exam in spring.

Group photo for parts of the students who have passed HSK exam

On the way, students showed a great curiousness and interesting about China Town. Most of the students are local British people or have lived in British for a long time. They have been to China Town with their families before. Because they didn’t know much about Chinese culture, they just looked around or tasted some Chinese food. Now they have a good chance to find out something different.

Group photo in front of landmark architecture of Manchester China Town

Firstly we looked around Chinese classical architectures in the China Town of Manchester and explain how pavilions and open halls played important roles in the Chinese architecture history. Secondly, we asked the students to find out the Chinese characters and symbols they like, and made them more interested in the Chinese characters.

The most attracted things are the Chinese ancient style decorations such as scarves made of silk, fans, hairpins, key rings and so on. There are so many goods and china for display to love about the Chinese shops. In the Chinese supermarket, they also showed a lot of interests in vegetables, food, sources, all kinds of tea and tea cups. They all got what they want from the supermarket. It will be the Chinese traditional festival-Dragon Boat Festival in half month. The students are interested in Zongzi, and we explained the stories and customs of the festival to students. After visiting the shops and supermarket, we took the students to taste some food in the Chinese restaurant. They tasted the delicious food and learnt something about Chinese table manners and traditional eating customs. We also told all of them how to use the chopsticks to eat.

Chinese food is tasty

After the activity, the students tell us that they are benefit from it and feel the charming of Chinese culture. They hope they could have more chance to join this kind of activities.

(Qingqing Yang)


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