Chinese Traditional Magic Delegation lectures and performs in the Confucius Institute at National University of Laos

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at National University of Laos [Time]    2015-06-09 17:31:25 

At the invitation of the Confucius Institute at National University of Laos, on April 25, members of the Chinese Traditional Magic Delegation performed for over 500 teachers and students from the National University of Laos and its affiliated middle school.

  At the beginning of the performance, famed magician Mr. Tian Xueming, a fourth-generation magician belonging to the Mu Wenqing School of Magic (China Intangible Cultural Heritage) introduced the origins, characteristics, current situation and basic performance models of Chinese traditional magic.

Face changing of Sichuan opera

Master Tian Xueming performing floating-table magic

Magician Tian Xueming interacting with the audience

The audience

  Master Tian Xueming also performed Gucai Tricks (traditional Chinese magic tricks) that enjoy over 2000-year history, such as Lovesick Wand and Fairy Picks Beans. Other members of the delegation showcased acrobatics, face-changing and contemporary magic, all of which were brilliant, producing one climax after another. The audience eagerly raised their hands to try in the performance, and all felt quite excited. For many, it was over too soon. The crowd showed a deep admiration for Chinese culture and a willingness to study Chinese magic if given an opportunity.


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