Raise the Red Lantern by students of Confucius Institute in Germany becomes a hit

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at Frankfurt University [Time]    2015-06-08 17:28:12 


At the mention of Raise the Red Lantern directed by Zhang Yimou, it is no stranger to most Chinese people, and it is not exaggerated to assume that Raise the Red Lantern has become a household word in China. But, have you ever watched its stage play performed by German students of Confucius Institute in Chinese? German students? In Chinese? Stage play? Are you confused? But that is true. On May 8th, the Confucius Institute at Frankfurt University put on the stage play Raise the Red Lantern after three months of rehearsal. German students in traditional Chinese costumes stepped onto the stage, which created a great sensation among all the audience.


Raise the Red Lantern narrates the miserable fate of Songlian, a female college student after she married into Mr. Chen’s family to be his fourth wife in the 1920s. These students tried their best to be loyal to the original film in every aspect, from the costumes to the speech and manners. Every subtle action and expression was vivid, and all actors’ gesture and expression were somewhat similar to what was depicted in the original novel. It could be seen that all the actors took this show very serious. Their pronunciation of Chinese, accent and intonation endowed new life to the characters. The effect was further enhanced by the lighting and background music, and all the audience were touched by the miserable sufferings of Songlian. Some frowned, and some shed tears.


Internal monologue of the servant girl


Terrified Songlian

When the lights were on, actors all walked onto the stage and said goodbye to the audience. The audience gave them a prolonged ovation; many of them were even unwilling to leave.


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