Happy Mother’s Day: best wishes in Chinese from Brazilian children

[Source]    Xinhuanet [Time]    2015-06-08 17:25:58 

On Mother’s Day of 2015, a group of Brazilian children expressed their love for their mothers in a very unique way. They performed a Chinese tune with hulusi (cucurbit flutes), sang together a well-known Chinese song Mom Is the Best in the World and sent paper-cuts with Chinese characters “Mother, I Love You” written on them to their mothers as gifts. On May 8, a local bilingual school in Niteroi, Rio held celebrations for Mother’s Day and showed the achievements by over 70 Brazilian students in their three-month study to their parents who were in turn all amazed at the school’s education on Chinese culture.

Felipe, whose Chinese name is Han Jiarui, served as the leading performer of the hulusi team. He said that he had learnt hulusi for only a couple of weeks and hadn’t even practiced a complete tune until one week ago. “I love this musical instrument.” he remarked, “Whatever the tune is, it will have a touch of distinct Chinese flavor if played with hulusi.”


Qiao Jianzhen, Chinese Head of the bilingual school and Director of the Confucius Institute at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, said, “Hulusi performance is a key program at the bilingual school since we believe not only the school should offer Chinese language courses but also more importantly it should spread Chinese culture. Hulusi is a musical instrument easy to play, and it appeals to the children. Besides hulusi, we offer a variety of other traditional Chinese culture and sports activities such as Chinese chess, shuttlecock kicking, Taijiquan and Chinese calligraphy. Also, we plan to select some students to form a lion dance team.”

Having finished the chorus Mom Is the Best in the World, the children sent their mothers their hand-made paper-cuts with “Mother, I Love You” in Chinese on them and then exhilaratingly hugged and took a photo with their mothers.


Gabriel’s mother, with her child’s paper-cut gift in hand, said to the reporter with excitement, “I’ve never ever expected my child to learn so much in such a short time! Many people in Brazil actually love Chinese characters very much but most of the time we don’t get their meaning. We simply find them beautiful. Now my boy can write Chinese characters! And even better, he can tell me what these characters mean!”

Since its opening three months ago, the bilingual school has hosted diverse activities such as Chinese Folk Music Performance and Photo Exhibition on Ancient Chinese Sports apart from its regular language teaching. The reporter also noted that students and teachers would always say “nihao” (“hello” in Chinese) when meeting each other on campus, which was exceedingly impressive.  

Written by Zhao Yan, Chen Weihua


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