Beijing Opera blossoms with glamour in the U.S.

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at Rutgers [Time]    2015-06-04 13:37:19 

On May 10th, 2015, the Splendor of Beijing Opera, which was hosted by the Confucius Institute at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, was held at the Nicholas Music Center of Rutgers University. Two local Beijing Opera societies, the New Jersey Peking Opera Society and the New York Chinese Opera Society, jointly staged some fantastic performances for around 1,000 audience from the State of New Jersey.

The performances started with the music of gongs and drums by the musicians wearing black clothes and horse coats, which soon sparked the atmosphere of the event. Then, artists of different singing styles came onto the stage one after another and performed some classical pieces of Beijing Opera of different schools for the audience. In Red Mulberry Village, a Lao Dan (an old female character) and a Hua Lian (a male character with a painted face) jointly chanted justice and fairness through a story in which the black-faced Bao Zheng, who always placed righteousness above family loyalty, patiently reasoned with the wife of his elder brother; in Where Three Roads Meet: Fighting in the Dark, one general in black and the other in white fought with each other in very funny and interesting ways, and the audience loved it very much and laughed all the way; and the A Banquet for Two, selected from Lu Bu and the Beauty Diaochan, fully showcased the quintessence of the Ye Shenglan’s style of Beijing Opera through the fabulous performances by a Sheng (a male character) and a Dan (a female character).
Red Mulberry Village

Where Three Roads Meet: Fighting in the Dark

Lu Bu and the Beauty Diaochan: A Banquet for Two

Next, in the unique and original combination of Chinese calligraphy demonstration and Beijing Opera performance, these two different but related traditional Chinese art forms showed perfect integration. While writing the Chinese calligraphy with a brush pen and ink, the performer was also chanting the poem Ode to West Lake written by Su Dongpo, which won many rounds of applause. The performance of Hegemon King Says Farewell to His Queen, as a classical piece of Mei Lanfang’s style of Beijing Opera, fully showcased the tender and romantic love between Xiang Yu and Yu Ji through the joint performance by a Qing Yi (a young female character) and a Hua Lian (a male character with a painted face).

Performance of calligraphy and Beijing Opera

Hegemon King Says Farewell to His Queen

This show featured the classical pieces of the major schools of Beijing Opera through the performance of Sheng (male characters), Dan (female characters), Jing (characters with a painted face) and Chou (clowns) in singing, reciting, acting and acrobatic fighting. The fabulous techniques and skills of these artists presented a fantastic experience of traditional Chinese operas to the audience and won warm applause.


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