A Chinese martial arts fanatic in Laos —— another Bruce Lee

[Source]    Confucius Institute at National University of Laos [Time]    2015-06-04 13:37:19 

——“Would you please not stop teaching me Chinese martial arts

——“I am busy writing the master’s thesis these days.”

——“I’m very interested in martial arts. And I can pay you the tuition fee.”

——“No need for that. But you can still come next semester.”

——“I will not be in Laos next semester.”

——“Where will you be then?”

——“I won the Israeli government scholarship, and I’m going to study in Israel after graduation in August.”

——“Come to my apartment at 6 tomorrow morning.”


In Confucius Institute at National University of Laos, there is a fanatic for Chinese martial arts. The word “fanatic” is not too strong to describe his love for martial arts. His Chinese name is Li Xiaolong (the Chinese name of Bruce Lee), a senior university student at the Department of Environmental Sciences of National University of Laos and also a member of the Martial Arts Team of Confucius Institute at National University of Laos. In October 2013 when the Confucius Institute at National University of Laos opened its martial arts class, Li Xiaolong came to register right away. When the teacher asked him why he was here, he answered, “I came for martial arts”.

At 6:15 in the morning, in Done Koy, Vientiane City, Laos, birds’ chirping is still rare to hear in the early morning glow, and all is so tranquil. But in the yard of the Volunteer’s Home of the Confucius Institute at National University of Laos, from time to time came the shouting “Hoon! Hah!”. It was Li Xiaolong on his martial arts training.

“Slow down. Raise your fists. Don’t move in haste. Mind your pace!” His master gave orders while observing his actions. On noticing any slackness in Li Xiaolong’s movements, his master will urge him to brace up. Li Xiaolong was learning Chinese free combat and wrestling, and he said, “Time is very limited. My master is going to return to China, so I must work harder and practice more before he leave.”

His master gave him this special Chinese name “Li Xiaolong”. He explained, “Maybe my master expects me to be as outstanding as Bruce Lee, and I myself also like Bruce Lee very much. Before I began to learn from him, I have watched many movies of Bruce Lee.”

Li Xiaolong is best at Zui Quan (Drunken Fist). He has been learning that for one year. Besides, he has learnt Wing Chun Kuen, Health Qigong, Nanquan (Southern Boxing), Changquan (Long-range Boxing), Broadsword Play, Cudgel Play, and Trio-practicing program. Since he learnt martial arts for over a year in the Confucius Institute, Li Xiaolong has performed on behalf of the Martial Arts Team of Confucius Institute at National University of Laos in over 20 grand events, including the evening galas of the 10th Anniversary of Confucius Institute, “Welcome Madam Xu Lin’s visit in the Confucius Institute at National University of Laos”, “Celebrate the 65th National Day” by Chinese Embassy in Laos, and the final of the 1st “Chinese Connection, Laos Dream” Singing Contest. His performances were warmly welcomed and appreciated.

 “My friends all call me ‘Kung Fu Lad’ now. They like my performance after watching it on TV or at the university, and they fully support me to practice Chinese martial arts.” Li Xiaolong said, “In the past, I learn from my master mainly for performance, but now I intend to focus on practical experience.” He also added that, “My master is returning home, and I’m going to study abroad. I wish I can improve my martial arts skills so that I can pass it on to more people.”

“What do you want to say to your master?”

Li said, “Master Yang Xi, please accept my kowtow.”


It is reported that the Martial Arts Team of Confucius Institute at National University of Laos was developed from the Martial Arts Interest-Oriented Class, members of which are from the Confucius Institute or different schools at National University of Laos. Two volunteers of the Confucius Institute served as instructors, i.e., Yang Xi and Wang Qingyang from the Faculty of Physical Education and Health Sciences of Guangxi University for Nationalities.


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