Directors From Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia Lectured and Awarded Certificates in Rezekne Chinese Teaching Center

[Source]     [Time]    2015-06-01 14:42:58 

On May 27th, 2015, the Chinese side director Prof. Shang Quanyu, Latvian side director Prof. Peteris. Pildegovics and Chinese teacher Ms. Dong Fang of Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia paid a vist and lectured in Rezekne Higher Education Institution, which is the subordinate Chinese-teaching site of Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia. Upon arrival, the two directors met the vice rector of Rezekne Higher Education Institution Professor Angelika , the director of Life Long Learning Centre Ms. Karina and Chinese volunteer teacher Wang Shuhui. This is their first visiting in Rezekne since 2015.

Both sides conducted a deep conversation on Chinese teaching prospects and development planning in Rezekne Higher Education Institution. At the beginning, Professor Angelika showed her gratitude for Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia. Since launched in September 2013, Chinese course has aroused widespread concern and strong social repercussions, Angelika indicated, more than 100 students took the Chinese language courses, it has been definitely very popular and has a very promising prospect. Rezekne Higher Education Institution will continue to strengthen in-depth cooperation with the Confucius Institute. Then Professor Angelika spoke highly of Chinese volunteer teacher Wang Shuhui. She appreciates the achievements on Chinese language teaching of Wang Shuhui and shared her warm experience of taking part in the Spring Festival activities at Rezekne Chinese center. Professor Angelika explained that it was the first time she taste Chinese food and write Chinese calligraphy. Professor Angelika and Ms. Karina decided to learn Chinese in next semester. And both of them hope Chinese volunteer teacher Wang Shuhui could continue to teach in Rezekne. The two directors also expressed their gratitude to Rezekne Higher Education Institution for the supporting of Chinese teaching program and expressed the wishes on promoting cooperation. In January, Rezekne Higher Education Institution began to apply be Confucius Classroom. Both sides expected that Confucius Classroom in Rezekne could open earlier for better Chinese culture activities.

Afterwards, the two directors went to meet students. Firstly Professor Shang Quanyu made a Chinese Religion Open Lecture on Confucianism. He introduced Confucius' life and his way of governing. He explained in each period the characteristics and social status of Confucianism is different. Prof. Pildegovics made additional information to explain. Then Prof. Shang introduced the development of the Confucius Institute all over the world, and then explained the Confucius Institute Scholarship Program, the Chinese Government Scholarship Program, Chinese Bridge Competition and summer camps to encourage students to actively participate in various activities and seek opportunities to learn Chinese and feel the charm of Chinese culture and language by themselves. Prof. Pildegovics introduced his experiences in learning Chinese and his own views on the Chinese culture and sentiment by fluent Chinese language, this is the best interpretation and proof of Chinese culture and charm. Their lecture and experiences aroused students’ interest and desire of China. Students spoke up and actively exchange their opinions of Chinese economy, history and so on. The closing ceremony of this semester was just after two directors’ lecture. Chinese volunteer teachers Wang Shuhui praised all students’ enthusiasm and efforts on learning Chinese and congratulated that they will get their own certificates. Two directors awarded learning certificates to every student and also awarded HSK certificates to students who have past the HSK exam lately.

At last, vice rector of Rezekne Higher Education Institution Professor Angelika represented university brought flowers, gifts and issued an order of commendation to Chinese volunteer teachers Wang Shuhui for her hard working in this year and gave their best wishes to her. Students also sent flowers and gave hugs to their Chinese teacher. Wang Shuhui was deeply moved by these lovely and nice people. She was very grateful to everyone. It was these friends who brighten Chinese volunteer teachers Wang Shuhui’s life in Rezekne and made everything memorable!


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