“China Tour for University Students” organized by Confucius Institute at Kasetsart University closes

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at Kasetsart University in Thailand [Time]    2015-05-14 16:53:14 

On March 31, the one-week “China Tour for University Students” organized by the Confucius Institute at Kasetsart University in Thailand (CIKU) successfully closed.

Students on the tour taking a group photo at Jimei School Village

The group of “China Tour for University Students” set off from Bangkok on March 23 with the dean of Department of Chinese at Kasetsart University, Mr. Surachai Puttamapadungsak, as the group leader and visited Huaqiao University for exchange studies. Huaqiao University welcomed the students with various cultural activities, including calligraphy class, tea art appreciation, Chinese painting workshop and Chinese class. Besides, the group also visited the famous scenic spots such as the Xiamen campus of Huaqiao University, former residence of Mr. Chen Jiageng in Jimei, which exposed the students to the charm of China and a taste of Chinese culture.

Game session in the Chinese class

In the practical Chinese class, the students were taught to introduce themselves and say directions in Chinese through games to reinforce their memories. Many students said they felt learning Chinese is not different and the key was to find a proper method. In the calligraphy class, students personally experienced how to use Chinese writing brushes to write and paint. They learnt to paint the plum blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, which are four plants symbolizing four noble qualities that are highly valued in Chinese culture. And through this experience, they had a closer touch with the spirit and morality of the Chinese people. Although their postures were not exactly standard, their works were highly affirmed by the teachers.

A student happily demonstrating the orchid he painted at the calligraphy and painting class

Experiencing Chinese tea art

Every year, CIKU would send groups of teachers, students and principals to visit China on language and cultural learning tours and investigation activities, which helped the students, teachers and school leaders in Thailand to better understand China. In the future, CIKU will keep making great efforts in promoting Chinese in Thailand and contributing to the non-governmental exchange between China and Thailand.

By Li Minghui


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