The first HSK exam in 2015 kicks off at the Confucius Institute in Auckland, New Zealand

[Source]    the Confucius Institute in Auckland [Time]    2015-05-14 15:11:24 

On April 18, the Confucius Institute in Auckland, New Zealand, held this year’s first Chinese proficiency test, the HSK exam. A total of 60 candidates enrolled, ranging in age from 10 to 59.

A sign of the HSK exam

Besides the chief proctor, in each exam room there were two Chinese language assistants serving as the exam invigilators to keep the order. Each assistant had received training before the exam and obtained the HSK Exam Proctor’s Certificate. Through the training, the assistants had a better grasp of the job as an HSK exam invigilator and got more familiar with the exam rooms and relevant equipment.

Candidates taking the HSK test and two Chinese language assistants serving as exam invigilators in an exam room

To further expand the scale of Chinese language proficiency tests, in addition to HSK, Chinese Oral Exam (HSKK), Youth Chinese Test (YCT) and Business Chinese Test (BCT), the YCT oral exam is now available. The Confucius Institute in Auckland has held many activities to share information about these tests, organized training for Chinese language assistants and local teachers, set up tutorial classes for test candidates and posted exam-related information on its website.

By Wang Meiju


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