The first Confucius Institute at South Dakota in the US opened

[Source]    the first Confucius Institute at the Northern State University [Time]    2015-05-14 15:08:07 

On April 10, the first Confucius Institute at South Dakota was inaugurated, which was co-founded by the Northern State University in the US and Confucius Institutes Headquarters (Hanban). The Chinese partner university of this Confucius Institute is the University of Jinan. Nearly one hundred federal and local government officials and school representatives attended the inauguration ceremony, including Dennis Daugaard, Governor of South Dakota, James Smith, President of Northern State University, and Cheng Xin, President of the University of Jinan.

The inauguration ceremony

Signing ceremony

Madam Xu Lin, Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters and Director General of Hanban sent her congratulation letter: “As a time-honored, well-established public university in South Dakota State, Northern State University is always committed to cultivating talented students with global vision and to promoting intercultural communication and cooperation. The establishment of the Confucius Institute will further motivate and energize its way toward this great prospect. With our concerted efforts, I believe, the Confucius Institute will certainly develop rapidly into a crucial window for South Dakota State and the whole US toward China and Chinese culture. I’m sure that it would also contribute to facilitating Sino-US educational communication and cooperation and to developing global cultural pluralism.”

Governor Dennis said in his address that, the Confucius Institute would build a bridge of language and culture to link people in China and the US and exert mutually beneficial effect on their cooperation on trade and tourism. He also showed his belief that after studying in the Confucius Institute, students of Northern State University would be competent and competitive enough to succeed in their future careers anywhere around the globe, especially in China.

James Smith, President of Northern State University said, “I would like to express my gratitude to all those who had supported us in the application process of the Confucius Institute in South Dakota. Also I would like to thank for the efforts of colleagues from the University of Jinan. We finally witness the inauguration ceremony of the Confucius Institute at Northern State University. Northern State University will further enhance its cooperation and communication among teachers and students with the University of Jinan on the platform of the Confucius Institute.”

Cheng Xin, President of the University of Jinan, expressed his congratulation to the establishment of the Confucius Institute at Northern State University. He said that, in accordance with the Confucian doctrine of “harmony is the most precious” and “harmony in diversity”, the University of Jinan would promote its cooperation with Northern State University and provide all sorts of necessary resources for backing up the Confucius Institute. They would make relentless efforts to help and support local residents in Aberdeen to learn Chinese language and know more about Chinese culture.

Later on, guests enjoyed musical performance brought by students from Northern State University and visited the Chinese Nation Picture Show, Mountain, Water and the Saint Stamp Show, and the Chinese Calligraphy Show of Yu Jianbo, a Chinese calligrapher.

The Confucius Institute at Northern State University is planning to launch Chinese language courses this autumn and offer online courses for high school students and college students.


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