Learning Chinese is a way to success: a suggestion from Russian President

[Source]    chinanews [Time]    2015-04-30 17:22:54 

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev suggested that young people in Russia learn Chinese besides English since a knowledge of Chinese would be beneficial to their future success, Russian media reported on April 17.

In response to the question posed by a student from the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas concerning the necessity and value of learning English in the current circumstance, President Medvedev replied that no sanctions will affect the learning of a language. He said that no matter who announces the sanctions or responses, no matter what the sanctions are against or what the response is to, people still need to address each other and communicate.

He added that as the lingua franca, English is not that hard to learn.

In addition, President Medvedev advised the students to learn Chinese despite its relatively high degree of difficulty. He said that it would be worthy of the students’ efforts to learn Chinese given the university they attend.

President Medvedev remarked, “In a nutshell, I think those who have learned Chinese are leading brand new lives now since in Chinese there lies a worldview utterly different from ours.”

Also, he believed that learning a new language would always be a boon.

On that day President Medvedev presided over the presidium meeting of Russia’s Economic Modernization & Innovation Development Committee at the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas.

Source: www.chinanews.com

17 April, 2015


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