Confucius Institute: Showing the smile of China to the world

[Source]    People’s Daily Online [Time]    2015-04-29 20:10:06 

The press conference on the Annual Report of China’s Public Diplomacy Development (2015 ) was held in Beijing, co-sponsored by the Institute for Public Diplomacy at Renmin University of China and Social Sciences Academic Press. The report shows that the Confucius Institute, a major project for Chinese culture to go out, has become an model of China’s public diplomacy.

According to the report, the Confucius Institute has its own strengths in public diplomacy. On the one hand, the educational development model of Sino-foreign joint establishment and one-to-one partnership between Chinese universities and foreign ones, secondary and elementary schools helps the Confucius Institute to understand its host country’s perception about China, learn its need for Chinese culture, and improve its schooling efficiency. On the other hand, the Confucius Institute targets not only students at the institute, but also the entire school district, providing a platform for local residents to know about Chinese culture. In addition, by holding Chinese language competitions and establishing joint education projects for overseas students with domestic universities, the Confucius Institute stimulates foreign students’ enthusiasm about studying in China and further strengthens its role as a bridge for cultural communication.

Head of the Institute of Public Diplomacy, Zhao Qizheng said that the Confucius Institute not only displays to the world the time-honored Chinese culture and the spirit of modern Chinese people, but also serves as a channel for feeding back views about China and exchanging ideas for people of different countries and classes. He hoped that the world could sense the smile of China when looking at the smiling faces of the teachers in the Confucius Institute.

It is learned that the Annual Report of China’s Public Diplomacy Development (2015 ) is the first professional report that has systematically reviewed the development of China’s public diplomacy. From multiple perspectives like governments, cities, non-governmental organizations, multinational enterprises, the international communication, the non-governmental exchange and more, it analyzes and explicates China’s current practice of public diplomacy and exhibits the current status, achievements and problems of this cause on the macro level.

(People’s Daily Online) Beijing, April 16, by Xiong Xu (reporter) and Zou Wei (trainee)


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