Big red lanterns light up the Night of Spring at the University of Geneva, Switzerland

[Source]    The Confucius Institute in Geneva [Time]    2015-04-29 19:08:28 

Recently, the University of Geneva in Switzerland held a grand gala Night of Spring with China as its theme. The Confucius Institute in Geneva participated in the organization and planning of this gala from the beginning to the end and thoroughly showcased the Chinese style and inspired every one of the audience.

The gala of Night of Spring was started six years ago to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the establishment of the University of Geneva. On the day of this year’s event, the Uni Mail, the largest teaching building of the University, was decorated into a completely new look, where the big red lanterns and Chinese knots provided by the Confucius Institute were hung on both sides of the main hall and paper-cuts of the Year of the Goat were projected to the ceiling of the hall. With relaxing and melodious Chinese folk music resounding in the hall, every participant at the event felt like being at the Chinese Spring Festival in such an atmosphere with rich Chinese elements.

At the event, over 2,000 participants watched a documentary about China produced by the University of Geneva while tasting some delicious Chinese snacks. The documentary introduced various aspects of China, such as the spectacular Great Wall, the magnificent Forbidden City, the Terracotta Army with a thousand years of history, the highways extending in all directions, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway winding over ten thousand miles, and so on.

Mr. Jean-DominiqueVassalli, Rector of the University of Geneva, said, “It is so great that the University of Geneva has established connections with more universities in China. In particular, the establishment of the Confucius Institute in Geneva in 2011 offers an even more convenient platform for such connections.”


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