The Confucius Institute at Free International University of Moldova Held the 2015 Local Chinese Teacher Training

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at Free International University of Moldova [Time]    2015-04-29 19:00:50 

On April 6, the Confucius Institute at Free International University of Moldova held the 2015 Local Chinese Teacher Training in the library of the university. All the Chinese teachers of Free International University of Moldova, the principal and teaching director of Lăstăraș Kindergarten, a partner school of the institute, and Chinese teachers of Moldova State University attended the training session. Professor Ling Qian and Professor Gao Yafang from Northwest Normal University were invited as keynote speakers.

On that morning, the two professors presented to students and teachers in Moldova two wonderful lectures RMB and Chinese Culture and Tourism in China. They vividly illustrated RMB and China’s tourism with the help of pictures and texts on their carefully prepared PPT.

Professor Ling Giving Her Lecture RMB and Chinese Culture

During her lecture, Prof. Ling mentioned that the bill is the name card of a country. The RMB is, of course, the name card of China, and the most representative tourist attractions of China on the back of the bills open another window for the world to know about China. The lecture was very interesting, delighting the ears of all the audience. During the two-hour lecture, Prof. Ling and Prof. Gao intricately integrated RMB and tourism and, by giving a graphic account of the tourist attractions on the back of RMB, demonstrated the charm of Chinese culture to students and teachers present from a new perspective.

Professor Gao Giving Her Lecture Tourism in China

After the culture lectures, the two professors presented the latest research outcomes of teaching Chinese as a foreign language in China in relation to the teaching situation in Moldova, including syllabus design, in-class activity design, and the application of multimedia and online teaching resources. They shared their teaching experience with young TCFL teachers, and also discussed with teachers the problems arising in teaching and the corresponding solutions. All teachers that attended the training thought that they gained a lot from the lectures.

Since the lectures were warmly received, PrimeTV, a local TV station in Moldova, came to interview the two professors. In the interview, Prof. Gao proceeded from her own research area and put forward several suggestions for tourism in Moldova, such as preserving local primitive natural landscape and traditions, designing and promoting tourism logos for Moldova, integrating tourism resources to produce a brand for Moldova tourism, promoting publicity with modern media and attaching importance to the development of local wine industry. In addition to PrimeTV, Prof. Ling and Prof. Gao was also invited by Moldova Radio for an interview on April 7.

In the afternoon, Prof. Ling and Prof. Gao, accompanied by the Chinese director of the Confucius Institute at Free International University of Moldova, paid a visit to Lăstăraș Kindergarten, an major partner school of the institute. They observed the Chinese courses there and shared with the teaching director and teachers their thoughts and methods of pre-school education.

Observing Chinese Class in Lăstăraș Kindergarten


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