Spring Festival celebrations held by the Confucius Institute at University of Antananarivo in Madagascar come to a close

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at University of Antananarivo [Time]    2015-04-23 16:43:43 

From February 6 to March 1, 2015, the Confucius Institute at University of Antananarivo organized and participated in a series of colorful cultural activities to celebrate the traditional Chinese festival – Spring Festival. On March 1, with the successful completion of all activities, the Spring Festival celebrations held by the Confucius Institute came to a close.

From February 9, Fianarantsoa, a city in the central Madagascar, held a ten-day Spring Festival celebration at the Chinese teaching site of the Confucius Institute, which opened the curtain of the Institute’s celebrations for the Spring Festival. More than 400 students from local Overseas Chinese Elementary School joined in the week-long paper-cutting activity. Led by their teachers, students from French Secondary School experienced Chinese New Year by learning Chinese calligraphy and making greeting cards. During the Karaoke session on February 14, students sang and danced, and also watched a Chinese film Chinese Zodiac, which attracted many people to join in. At the teaching site of college Chinese, on February 17, all the students and teachers of the Confucius Institute gathered together to celebrate the festival, during which students performed classical Chinese martial arts and folk dances and brought songs in Chinese, English, French and Malagasy. Under the guidance of their teachers, students learnt to make dumplings, experiencing Chinese food culture. Later, students and teachers had a party and played games. In the end, everyone tasted Chinese cuisine -- dumplings in a joyous atmosphere, heralding the coming of Chinese Spring Festival of the year of 2015.

Spring Festival celebration in the University of Fianarantsoa—making dumplings

Spring Festival celebration in Fianarantsoa Overseas Chinese Elementary School—paper-cutting

On February 12, Children School of Ambilobe Sugar Consortium (Lycée Privé d'Expression Française (L.P.E.F)) held a series of student activities with distinctive Chinese characteristics to welcome Chinese New Year, such as writing Chinese characters, drawing pandas, and paper-cutting. 300 people participated in the activities. Sugar Factory Children School (College Privé Ouest Sucre) also held the activity “Paper-cutting Welcomes Chinese New Year”, with its participants amounting to 230.

Students of Sugar Factory celebrating the Year of Goat

On February 14, teachers and students of Chinese language from Advanced Institute of Technology of Antsiranana (INSTITUT SUPERIEUR DE TECHNOLOGIE D’ANTSIRANANA), University of Antsiranana and Antsiranana French Secondary School gathered together in the local Chinese Club of Antsiranana (Congrégation Chinoise D'Antsiranana), a city in northern Madagascar, to hold the 2015 Spring Festival Gala. At the entrance of the club, teachers put up a “Chinese Culture Wall”, and decorated it with exquisite paper-cuts, paintings and photos. Two sectors were specially set to introduce Kung Fu and china that students were interested in. The wall attracted the attention of students and even stimulated the interest of school leaders, parents and local Chinese who came to watch the show. Students and teachers brought a variety of wonderful performances in the gala, including songs, a medley of Kung Fu, guitar, poem recitation, Chinese costumes.

Fashion show by the Advanced Institute of Technology of Antsiranana

On February 14 in Toliara, a port in southern Madagascar, the Chinese teaching site of the University of Toliara held a party to celebrate Chinese Spring Festival. The activity was strongly supported by China Railway 18th Bureau Group International Co., Ltd and Tianli Agri Madagascar Co., Ltd. Students and teachers of the teaching site brought various performances like Chinese songs, folk dances of China and Madagascar, Tai Chi boxing and poem recitation. Teachers conferred on students HSK certificates as well as credentials and awards in calligraphy competition.

The 2nd “Chinese Culture Shines in Toamasina” activity was held on February 15 at the square before the city hall of Toamasina, an east port of Madagascar. The activity was sponsored by Chinese Consulate in Toamasina and Toamasina Municipal Government and hosted by various Chinese organizations in Toamasina. As a grand New Year celebration, it attracted more than 2,000 people. The performances brought by students and teachers of the Confucius Institute like Chinese dances and songs were warmly received. The activity gained repeated coverage from local TV stations.

Chinese fashion show by students and teachers in Toamasina

On February 16, as the music at the Chinese teaching site in Lycée Philibert Tsihanana (a secondary school) in Mahajanga (a city at the western coast of Madagascar) rose, more than 10 students, led by a Chinese teacher Hong Lanlan, began to practice Chinese Kung Fu—Tai Chi, which attracted the attention of many students and teachers as well as passers-by. Learning Tai Chi boxing stimulated students’ interest in Chinese language, improved student-teacher relationship and contributed to the cultural exchange between China and Madagascar. On the night of February 21, Mahajanga held the 2015 Spring Festival Gala, with approximately 300 participants. Present in the party were presidents of University of Mahajanga and Saint Gabriel's College, principal of Lycee Philibert Tsihanana, officials of Department of Fisheries, Gendarme Management Department, and City Management Department, and representatives of China National Fisheries Corporation, Madagascar Overseas Chinese Fisheries Association (ASSOCIATION CHINOISE DE PRODUCTION Halieutique DE MADAGASCAR) and BMF. Centering on traditional Chinese culture and philosophy, the party brought wonderful performances like Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, yangko, Chinese and Malagasy songs and dances with waves of laughers. Local media in Mahajanga gave an excellent report on this party.

On February 17, in the capital Antananarivo, the Confucius Institute at University of Antananarivo held 2015 Spring Festival Gala & Awarding Ceremony of “Excellent Contribution Award for Spreading Chinese Culture” and “Chinese Ambassador Scholarship”. More than 500 people attended the activity, including RAKOTOARISOA Jean Eric, President of Madagascar’s High Constitutional Court (Président de la Haute cour Constitutionnelle de Madagascar), China’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Madagascar (Son Excellence Monsieur l’Ambassadeur de la République Populaire de Chine à Madagascar) Mr. Yang Min and his wife, Mr. RALIJAONA Christian, Secretary-General of Department of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Secrétaire Général du Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique), President Panja RAMANOELINA of University of Antananarivo and directors of all school departments, heads of all Chinese teaching sites of the Confucius Institute at University of Antananarivo, Chinese and overseas Chinese in Madagascar, representatives of Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Chinese enterprises, students and faculties of the Confucius Institute as well as all the working personnel. Chinese Ambassador Mr. Yang Min and teacher Mr. Liang Weiping conferred “Excellent Contribution Award for Spreading Chinese Culture” on the institute’s Foreign Director Eva Zo RASENDRA and Academic Director Monique RAMANAMIHANTSOARANA with certificate and money award. The Chinese Ambassador Scholarship was conferred on RAZAFIMANANTSOA Fenotiana and other twelve Malagasy students together with certificates and money awards. Later, students of the Institute brought beautiful Chinese songs and dances, which demonstrated their good command of Chinese language and Chinese culture talent. They also expressed their best wishes to Chinese teachers with their traditional songs and dances. The party was pushed to climax time and again as Chinese teachers from both countries performed the dance Red Island (Izy Ireo), Tai Chi boxing and Malagasy songs. This party clearly showed that the Confucius Institute had become a platform for friendly exchange between China and Madagascar. During the Spring Festival from February 6 to March 1, students and teachers from the Confucius Institute at University of Antananarivo brought several art shows for Chinese clubs and Chinese enterprises in Madagascar, which fully displayed the charm of Chinese culture and strengthened Sino-Malagasy cultural exchange.

Mr. Yang Min, Chinese Ambassador to Madagascar, conferring awards on students and teachers

On February 28, Zhongshan School in Fenerive (L'Ecole Congrégation Chinoise de Fénérive-est) at the east coast of Madagascar held the inauguration for the new teaching building and teachers’ dormitory building, as well as a celebration activity to welcome Chinese Year of Sheep. About 400 people took part in the activity, including Consul Zhu Kaixian of Chinese Consulate-General in Toamasina, Vice President Hermann of the Parliament of Madagascar (Vice Présitent de l'Assemblé National Malgache) and MP MOHAMAD Amad, both Chinese and Malagasy directors of the Confucius Institute at University of Antananarivo and the Confucius Institute at the Toamasina University, Chinese, overseas Chinese representatives and students and teachers of Zhongshan School. Consul Zhu Kaixian and Vice President Hermann Mr. Hermann inaugurated the newly-completed teaching building and teachers’ dormitory building and delivered their speeches respectively. Later, students and teachers of Zhongshan School brought a wonderful show to everyone, including Chinese song chorus by students and teachers, recitation, hulusi, Chinese dances and a medley of Malagasy dances. This activity exerted positive and far-reaching influence on Zhongshan School and even the entire city of Fenerive. It not only promoted Chinese language and Chinese culture, but also promoted deep-level cultural exchange between China and Madagascar.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new teaching building and teachers’ dormitory building at Zhongshan School in Fenerive (L'Ecole Congrégation Chinoise de Fénérive-est)

During the 2015 Spring Festival, the Confucius Institute at University of Antananarivo organized and participated in more than 20 cultural activities with as many as 5,000 participants, which strengthened its role as a platform for cultural exchange between China and Madagascar. Extensive coverage was given to these activities by several TV stations and newspapers.


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