Confucius Institute at NSTU celebrates Chinese Lantern Festival by holding activities of riddle guessing and lantern competition

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at Novosibirsk State Technical University [Time]    2015-04-21 17:18:05 

On March 5, the first night with a full moon in the Chinese New Year of the Goat, young students holding colorful lanterns visited the Confucius Institute at Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU) in Russia to celebrate the Chinese Lantern Festival with teachers at the Confucius Institute.

This year, the Confucius Institute at NSTU turned the Chinese Lantern Festival celebration into a competition of homemade lanterns for primary and secondary school students, which required the young students to make lanterns at home without specifications for style and quantity and take them to the Confucius Institute for competition. The contestants ranged from grade 1 to 10 with the youngest who was only 8 years old. All hand-made by the children, the colorful lanterns were in different sizes and shapes, which were either traditionally candle-lit or electric; paper-made or wooden; colorful dragon-shaped or traditional Chinese palace lanterns. The youngest student Sofia made four lanterns with different styles. The lanterns embody the creativity of the children, who also wrote down the Chinese characters carrying the meanings of “Luck”, “Spring” and “Goat” to express their affection for Chinese language and the good wishes for the New Year.

Volunteering helping a young “judge” to vote for the lanterns

This competition was designed to award three excellent participants with first, second and third prizes. In order to be fair, the participants were not allowed to attach their names to the lanterns they made. All the guests including parents, teachers and students could vote for one lantern only which they favored the most. So the competition was very heated. The guests took close looks at every lantern and found it hard to make choices, just like in a lively traditional Chinese lantern show. Eventually, thirteen-year-old Alina won the first prize with her palace lantern. Sixteen-year-old Balina and thirteen-year-old boy Mikhail won the second and third prizes respectively.

Students and parents guessing the riddles attentively

Young students having a good time together

The second round was riddle guessing. Since the young students haven’t been learning Chinese for long, the lantern riddles were mainly written in Russian. The children showcased their brilliance apart from their delicate craftsmanship by successfully guessing the 30 riddles on the lanterns very quickly.

After appreciating the lanterns and guessing riddles, it was time to relax. Teachers of the Confucius Institute prepared tea art demonstration, Guzheng performance and delicious snacks for the guests. Accompanied with melodious music while savoring fragrant tea and appreciating lovely lanterns, the guests had a wonderful experience of celebrating Chinese Lantern Festival!

Little Sofia made three lanterns on her own

A group photo of some award-winning young contestants with their parents and teachers at the Confucius Institute

After the activities, the guests felt reluctant to leave and were actively taking photos with the beautiful lanterns. The prize winners were happily holding their trophies while the others were also filled with joy, showing determination to win the competition next year!


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