Confucius Institute in La Reunion, France, holds a Chinese New Year celebration for the Year of the Goat

[Source]    Confucius Institute in La Reunion [Time]    2015-04-15 17:09:25 

On February 19, Confucius Institute in La Reunion held a Chinese New Year celebration for the Year of the Goat, attended by invited guests including Vice President of the University of La Reunion and Director of its Institute, Professor Moreau, Deputy Consul General of Consulate-General of The People’s Republic of China in Saint-Denis,Liu Yuli, and President of the General Federation of Chinese Associations (Fédération Générale des Associations Chinoises) in La Renuion, Zhou Xiankai.

The Chinese teacher Shen Jing teaching a guest how to hold the Chinese brush

During the celebration, exquisite photos taken by French young photographer Aurélien Foucault were exhibited, focusing on the theme of Beijing modern music. Other Chinese cultural activities were also performed, such as Chinese calligraphy, tea arts, weiqi, guzheng, etc. In addition, 19 students from the Institute were awarded the University Diploma (Diplome d’Universite, DU) for the Chinese language at both elementary and medium levels. This diploma was also acknowledged by higher education institutes in France.

The Chinese teacher Liang Jihu and Raphael from the Weiqi Association in La Reunion explaining to the guests how to play Chinese chess and weiqi

After the wonderful lion dance, Professor Moreau and the Deputy Consul General Liu Yuli made their New Year addresses for the celebration of the Spring Festival. Moreover, Professor Yu Qizhi, the Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, and the French Director Aline Kwan also delivered their impressive speeches.

Text by Shen Jing

Photographed by He Wenzhong and He Yiping


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