Confucius Institute at the University of Montana holds a Chinese New Year party

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Montana [Time]    2015-03-25 19:58:59 

Recently, Confucius Institute at the University of Montana held a New Year party to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Goat, which was also a talent show of students learning Chinese at the Institute. A total of more than 400 people including President of the University of Montana Royce Engstrom, Dean of East Asian Studies Abraham Kim, principals, students and parents of the elementary and middle schools at Missoula, local residents and overseas Chinese people participated in this event to celebrate Chinese New Year together.

President Royce Engstrom and Dean Abraham Kim delivered their speeches. They spoke highly of the achievements of the Confucius Institute in the past year and affirmed the positive role of Confucius Institute in Chinese cultural communication. They also extended their expectations that the Confucius Institute could serve as a bridge, strengthening friendship between Chinese and American people.

The party began in the Chinese fan dance presented by Suhan Chen, the American Director of the Confucius Institute and two teachers. In the melody of The Beautiful Tai Lake, they swung the red silk fans in the air with elegant dancing moves. Then, pupils from Paxson Elementary School and Lewis & Clark Elementary School presented several songs including Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy New Year, Clap Your Hands and Daddy, Where Are We Going in Chinese. Their performances impressed all the audience with their beautiful voices, accurate Chinese pronunciations and passionate impromptu performances.

Pupils singing Daddy, Where Are We Going with their parents

Children from the Flathead High School Varsity Women’s Choir performed a chorus of Jasmine. The fluent and beautiful melody seemed to take the audience to the landscape of the dreamy water towns in southern China. Later, an American girl from Hellgate High School sang the song Folk Song Flows like Spring River without musical accompaniment. Her clear voice and accurate Chinese pronunciation stunned the audience a lot.

Flathead High School Varsity Women’s Choir performing Jasmine

Montana has the reputation of being “Cowboy’s Hometown”. Therefore, young dancers from the Rocky Mountain Ballet Theater presented “Montana Cowboy Dance” and the famous ballet The White-haired Girl and The Red Detachment of Women.

High school students performing Western cowboy dance

Students from Sentinel High School and Big Sky High School sang the classical Chinese songs of Let’s Paddle Together and You and Me. Then, accompanied by the Fishermen’s Dusk Song played on Guzheng, the Taiji performance team from the Confucius Institute of the University of Montana demonstrated Taiji 24 forms in elegant and extended movements. The spirit and style of Taiji they represented won unanimous applause from the audience. At last, students from Missoula County Public School pushed the party to an exciting climax with the popular choreography Little Apple.

Through this party, the audience enjoyed the happiness of celebrating Chinese festival and experienced the endless charm of Chinese culture. Many students, parents and local people were looking forward to starting learning Chinese and taking courses on Chinese culture in the coming year.

Reported by Liu Xiaoling

Photographed by Lei Siming, Ni Qingquan


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