A Tour Around China Through the Internet — Confucius Institute in Munich offers a new course

[Source]    the Confucius Institute in Munich [Time]    2015-02-06 16:37:13 

On the morning of Jan. 24th, 2015, the Confucius Institute in Munich, Germany, offered a new course titled “A Tour Around China Through the Internet”. A total of 12 participants attended this lecture.

Participants listening attentively during this lecture

This lecture was jointly designed by Ms. Wang Rong, a volunteer Chinese teacher from the Confucius Institute in Munich, and Mr. Adam Langer, who once won the Confucius Institute Scholarship. They prepared their own part of the lecture from the perspective of a Chinese and a German, respectively. Currently studying for her doctor’s degree at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich (LMU Munich), Ms. Wang has a good knowledge of the latest updates on the Internet in China and knows how to use various popular products and software. On the other hand, Mr. Adam Langer was once supported by the Confucius Institute Scholarship to study at Beijing Foreign Studies University. During his study in China, Adam developed a keen interest in the innovative Internet products in China. However, as a non-native Chinese speaker, he experienced some difficulties and problems in getting to know and using these products. Adam hoped to share his understanding and experience in this course, helping more foreigners who will work or study in China use this country’s Internet services and products more conveniently.

Ms. Wang Rong and Mr. Adam Langer offering guidance to the participants of this lecture

This lecture was of a novel theme and also contained a variety of topics for the participants to practice. In this lecture, the participants could not only get to know some Chinese Internet terms, but also develop some fundamental knowledge of using various software programs in Chinese. Thus, this lecture laid a foundation for them to understand modern Internet culture in China and explore how to learn Chinese through the Internet, which prepared them for a more convenient life in China in the future.

by Lilian Kang and Wang Rong


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