Confucius Institute in Alsace, France, introduces Chinese language and calligraphy to students of Wissembourg Primary School

[Source]    the Confucius Institute in Alsace [Time]    2015-02-05 16:36:26 

At the beginning of 2015, teachers of the Confucius Institute in Alsace, France, were invited to offer a course to introduce Chinese language and calligraphy to students of Wissembourg Primary School.

Wozny, Headmaster and head teacher of the School, is now studying Chinese at the Confucius Institute in Alsace. When the students knew that “teachers of their teacher” were coming to their school, they all tried to greet them with “ni hao” (hello) that they had just learned.

Teachers of the Confucius Institute taught the students some simple classroom expressions and names of body parts in Chinese. Then, all the students and teachers sang the Chinese song Hair, Shoulder, Knee and Foot together and enjoyed themselves a lot in happy laughter and joy.

Students eager to answer questions

Afterwards, the calligraphy teachers started to play a character-guessing game with the students, in which the evolution of Chinese characters was shown to them through interaction and picture demonstration. What made them extra joyful was that all participating students were given some ornaments with Chinese elements as gifts. As soon as the students were given the water-writing paper that is reusable for 10,000 times, they started to write down the characters according to the etymological cards they guessed just now. When they discovered that the characters in black, which they had just written on the paper, soon disappeared, all of them exclaimed quite excitedly, “What a Chinese magic!”

Students learning Chinese calligraphy

This was the first time for these students to get to know Chinese language and calligraphy. The school and their parents hoped that the Confucius Institute in Alsace will organize more such activities in the future.

A group photo of the students and teachers


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