Exhibition of Chinese teaching materials held at Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University, Israel

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University [Time]    2015-02-04 16:56:24 

On the morning of January 20, the Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University held an activity of 2015 Chinese teaching materials exhibition and book donation. The event was warmly welcomed by Chinese learners in Israel and local Chinese teachers.

At the exhibition, more than seventy types of books in six categories were displayed, including Chinese teaching materials, books for teachers, Chinese reference books and supplementary materials for HSK tests. In front of the exhibition stands of the Confucius Institute, there gathered many Chinese learners and local Chinese teachers from different regions of Israel. The staff of the Confucius Institute provided them with professional consultations and specifically donated over 300 volumes of teaching and supplementary materials such as New Practical Chinese Reader, Experiencing Chinese, Business Chinese, Official Examination Papers of HSK, and Panoramic China.

In order to further improve the quality of Chinese teaching by local Chinese teachers in Israel, the staff at the Confucius Institute introduced a newly complied and translated volume of Chinese teaching material in Hebrew, Kuaile Hanyu, which is specially designed for primary and middle school students in Israel. And they also donated other resources such as teachers’ books matching with the Chinese teaching materials, Chinese reference books, CDs on Chinese language teaching and demonstration pictures.

At the exhibition of Chinese teaching materials

After the exhibition, many local Chinese teachers and learners mentioned that there is a severe shortage of Chinese teaching materials and books in Israel. Therefore, the resources offered at this exhibition are of critical importance to their Chinese teaching and learning. They hope the Confucius Institute will continue to create a platform for sharing teaching resources so that they can get access to more practical learning materials.

The annual activity of Chinese teaching materials exhibition and book donation plays a positive role in promoting Chinese teaching and spreading Chinese culture in Israel. It is expected to serve as an opportunity to help Israeli learners to better learn Chinese and to expose the charm of Chinese culture to more Israeli readers.

Photographed/written by Bao Yinhui


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