What are the Chinese Bridge Summer Camp application requirements?

[Source]     [Time]    2015-01-19 16:22:32 

Regular public or private high school students, meeting the following criteria:

1) a citizen of his or her country of residence;

2) a basic level of Chinese (The length of time learning Chinese does not exceed 3 years);

3) between the ages of 14 to 18;

4) Healthy, able to travel internationally.

Chaperons must meet the following criteria:

1) with teaching experience, preferably a Chinese language teacher;

2) Rich experience in management;

3) Understand about China;

4) Approachable and have a sense of responsibility, cooperative and assisting in the management of and communication with students, can better handle the crisis;

5) healthy, able to travel internationally;

6) 50 years of age or younger;

7) the proportion of chaperons to students is 8:1 to 15:1.


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