The 9th Confucius Institute Conference to be held in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

[Source]    Hanban [Time]    2014-12-04 17:27:42 

On the afternoon of December 2, the Confucius Institute Headquarters announced at a press conference in Beijing that the 9th Confucius Institute Conference would be held in Xiamen from December 7 to 8. This year’s Confucius Institute Conference, for the first time ever to be held outside of Beijing, will be co-sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and Fujian Provincial People’s Government and co-hosted by Xiamen Municipal Government and Xiamen University. The theme of the conference is “Embrace the New Decade of Confucius Institute”. Madam Liu Yandong, Vice Premier of P. R. China and Chair of the Council of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, will deliver a keynote speech at the conference and present awards to outstanding collectives and individuals. Attendees of the conference will include directors of Confucius Institutes and presidents of the host universities from 126 different countries and regions across the world as well as representatives of the Chinese partner universities or institutions, the education departments (commissions) of related provinces (autonomous regions or municipalities) and the Chinese enterprises involved in the construction of Confucius Institutes.

During the two-day conference, seven presidents’ forums and seven directors’ forums will take place. Representatives are to hold in-depth discussions around 14 subjects. For instance, the contributions and functions of Confucius Institutes in the past decade, the evaluating criteria for a Model Confucius Institute, the cultural and academic function of the Confucius Institute, the feasibility of establishing the Alumni Association of Confucius Institute and the Confucius Institute Foundation, the school-running characteristics of Confucius Institutes and the development of local economy, the cultivation and training of local Chinese language teachers, Guidelines for Chinese Language Teaching (CLT) Materials and Development and the development of local Chinese teaching materials in the host countries, etc.

Meanwhile, the information fair of Confucius Institute Headquarters’ programs, the international Chinese teaching resource exhibition, the exhibition of Confucius Institutes’ achievements in the past decade, and the first global “Confucius Institute Day” congratulatory letter & photo exhibition will also be held.

The Confucius Institute Conference has been successfully held for eight consecutive years. As an annual grand event for Confucius Institutes around the globe, the conference is devoted to promoting the sound development of Confucius Institutes by summarizing experience, enhancing exchanges and strengthening cooperation.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Confucius Institute. Thanks to the joint efforts of China and its foreign partners, the Confucius Institute has undergone rapid growth since its birth in 2004 and gradually developed into a world famous brand and an important platform to spread Chinese language and culture and facilitate cultural exchanges and mutual learning between China and the rest of the world.


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