Confucius Institute at Kathmandu University, Nepal, celebrates Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Kathmandu University [Time]    2014-10-24 16:35:16 

On September 5th, the Confucius Institute at Kathmandu University held a Chinese poetry reading activity and a Chinese calligraphy and painting exhibition, celebrating the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. About 100 people attended the celebration including the students from the Institute and friends from all walks of life in Nepal.

The teachers from the Institute started the celebration by introducing to the Nepalese students the legend of Chang’e, Mid-Autumn Festival traditions and the procedures of making mooncakes. The participants learned the meanings of the Festival and experienced various festival customs from all dimensions.

Later on, the Nepalese students read the famous poem Shui Diao Ge Tou (Prelude to Water Melody) from the Song Dynasty in a vocal and affectionate manner. And the teachers joined them in reading the poems of Thoughts Afar in Moonlight and Thinking of My Brothers on a Moonlit Night, sharing the endless beauty of Chinese ancient poetry. Besides, they also appreciated the calligraphy and painting works prepared by the students. Poem-reading, calligraphy and painting constitute the traditional way of Chinese scholars celebrating the Festival and everyone enjoyed the experience.

Students and other Nepalese friends from all walks of life

A group photo of all participants

This celebration aims to share good wishes for Mid-Autumn Festival with students and other Nepalese friends. It is hoped that the local people in Nepal can deeply experience the cultural custom of the Festival and be motivated to learn Chinese so as to strengthen the mutual understanding and friendship between two peoples in the long run.

by Wang Anqi


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