Confucius Institute at Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University, Thailand, establishes another HSK test site

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University [Time]    2014-10-24 13:52:34 

On September 4th, 2014, in the run-up to the 10th anniversary of Confucius Institutes, the Confucius Institute at Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University (CIBSRU) and the Pradungkijwittaya School signed the official agreement on establishing a test site for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) and Youth Chinese Test (YCT). Present at the signing ceremony were Mrs. Sakultip Tipbunlue, Permanent Honorary President of the Board of Pradungkijwittaya School and School Manager; Mr. Boonsoug Techas, Chairman of Alumni Association of Pradungkijwittaya School; Mrs. Khanitha Naewnark, Thai Principal of the School; Ms. Song Dongping, Chinese Principal of the School; Ms. Wen Xiangyu,Director of CIBSRU; government-dispatched Chinese teachers; and teachers who manage HSK/YCT tests. So far, CIBSRU has become a center of Chinese tests with 16 HSK/YCT test sites.

With a history of over 60 years, Pradungkijwittaya School is one of the exemplary schools for Chinese education overseas. As the first teaching site of CIBSRU, it signed official cooperative agreements with CIBSRU on teaching of Chinese traditional culture as early as July 2012. In the past two years, CIBSRU offered free regular service of Chinese teachers to organize activities on Chinese traditional culture in the School, such as teaching Chinese martial arts, Chinese calligraphy, singing and dancing, and making Chinese knots. Meanwhile, CIBSRU worked together with the Pradungkijwittaya School in organizing the annual Happy China Culture Camp and the Confucius Institute Open Day. After two years of deep cooperation, Chinese language teaching quality at the Pradungkijwittaya School has been improved continuously and officials and teachers of the School are realizing the significance of promoting teaching through exams. In order to assess the teaching performance and promote Chinese teaching so as to make it more standardized and systematized, officials of the School decided to establish the CIBSRU HSK/YCT test site .

CIBSRU holds HSK tests every month and its teachers are all certified HSK administrators (Advanced). The director of the Institute attaches great importance to the standardization of HSK/YCT test sites, and visited the Pradungkijwittaya School in person to examine the standards of this test site and made a detailed introduction to the development of HSK tests at CIBSRU to Mrs. Sakultip Tipbunlue and Mr. Boonsoug Techas. Before the signing ceremony, for one more time, the members of the Board of the Pradungkijwittaya School held extensive discussions with directors and professors of the Institute on the roles, influence and other relevant issues of the new HSK tests. At the signing ceremony, The director presented the YCT syllabus, past test papers, and related test materials as gifts to the School, and also promised to send teachers to offer trainings on HSK/YCT tests and test management so as to help the teachers of the Pradungkijwittaya School acquaint themselves with the HSK/YCT test execution soon.

Distinguished guests from CIBSRU and the Pradungkijwittaya School at the signing ceremony

YCT mock test held at the Pradungkijwittaya School by CIBSRU

Ms. Wen also said that, at the time of the 10th anniversary of Confucius Institutes, the establishment of the new HSK test site will certainly help improve Chinese teaching at the Pradungkijwittaya School and create a positive cycle of improving teaching through exams and promoting exams through teaching. She believed that the Pradungkijwittaya School will take this opportunity to recruit new test takers to turn it into a more influential center of Chinese teaching and Chinese tests.

By Zhao Jing


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